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Comments by sai.2012 (Top 6 by date)

sai.2012 6-Jun-18 16:33pm View     CRLF
HI Richard, Thx for the reply , but in database Process date datatype is date only. I am not using leading zero's on the month and day numbers.
sai.2012 30-May-18 11:47am View     CRLF
Thank you ppolymorphe. it is working fine . Thanks much your help. Your are Genius Man.
sai.2012 22-May-18 17:04pm View    
Forgot to Delete the old post , Now I deleted.
sai.2012 16-Nov-17 11:44am View     CRLF
I tried strNet = !string.IsNullOrEmpty(drAEDetails["NET"].ToString()) ? drAEDetails["NET"].ToString() : "Null"; but still i am getting same error message. Thanks for the reply
sai.2012 18-Jul-17 15:15pm View     CRLF
Thanks for the prompt replay RickZeeland and ppolymorphe. created two testwriters and it works fine. Thankyou.