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Comments by URVISH_SUTHAR1 (Top 39 by date)

URVISH_SUTHAR1 12-Nov-13 4:08am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n nice article
URVISH_SUTHAR1 4-Oct-13 2:38am View
Reason for my vote of 4 \n nice, good to have sample app if you can share
URVISH_SUTHAR1 6-Sep-13 5:30am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Many thanks for this article
URVISH_SUTHAR1 23-Jan-13 6:12am View
True, check my provided solution and give your input :)
URVISH_SUTHAR1 23-Jan-13 6:04am View
we can easily crack this, correct ?
URVISH_SUTHAR1 23-Jan-13 5:38am View
I think you wanted to calc summary for 3-3 codes?

Is it correct ?
URVISH_SUTHAR1 21-Jan-13 4:35am View
great, thanks for info :)
URVISH_SUTHAR1 21-Jan-13 4:33am View
and free also right?

we can send free SMS using this API correct ?
URVISH_SUTHAR1 21-Jan-13 4:26am View
Is this open/free API or we need to do subscription?
URVISH_SUTHAR1 19-Jan-13 3:17am View
List structure fixed? or you wanted to pass any list?
URVISH_SUTHAR1 18-Jan-13 8:47am View
Welcome :)
URVISH_SUTHAR1 18-Jan-13 0:50am View
Please provide more detail
URVISH_SUTHAR1 18-Jan-13 0:48am View
Good :)
URVISH_SUTHAR1 11-Jan-13 2:23am View
Guys, I seen same kind of functionality on controls, can anyone please know me if same-thing work with web browser control
URVISH_SUTHAR1 10-Jan-13 7:30am View
Thanks for response but this is not solution mate

I wanted to interaction between web and window
URVISH_SUTHAR1 8-Jan-13 3:27am View
yep, it can fulfill your recruitment
URVISH_SUTHAR1 7-Jan-13 11:08am View
Easy to pass "SQL Injection" on this prod. So think about it :)
URVISH_SUTHAR1 5-Jan-13 3:10am View
I'm sure this will done with DataTable or Generic list with BindingSource only.

Kindly provide me your sample app so will update you soon :)
URVISH_SUTHAR1 4-Jan-13 7:54am View
May I know why it is not? :)
URVISH_SUTHAR1 4-Jan-13 7:35am View
really unable to understand why you need to cast it, you can define decimal directly

there is something you must need to think, what you say? :)
URVISH_SUTHAR1 4-Jan-13 5:09am View
thanks for hint :)
URVISH_SUTHAR1 4-Jan-13 2:59am View
single entity with 5 to 6 thousand rows and I wanted to filter it on Textbox changed event
URVISH_SUTHAR1 4-Jan-13 0:41am View
try this :)

declare cursor_deci cursor

for select SOuD_CuBal,cast(uom_noofdecimal as int) as uom_noofdecimal,sm_code from #itm
declare @sm_code int,@UoM_NoofDecimal int
declare @SOuD_CuBal as numeric(21,6)
declare @newSOuD_CuBal as numeric(21,6)
open cursor_deci
fetch next from cursor_deci into @SOuD_CuBal,@Uom_Noofdecimal,@sm_code
while (@@FETCH_STATUS =0)
''update #tmp2 SET cubal = CAST((@SOuD_CuBal) as decimal(18,@Uom_Noofdecimal)
where sm_code = @sm_code
fetch next from cursor_deci into @SOuD_CuBal,@Uom_Noofdecimal,@sm_code
close cursor_deci
deallocate cursor_deci
URVISH_SUTHAR1 4-Jan-13 0:38am View
is it working?
URVISH_SUTHAR1 3-Jan-13 9:23am View
yeah, above should work proper
URVISH_SUTHAR1 3-Jan-13 9:11am View
yeah, very true
URVISH_SUTHAR1 3-Jan-13 9:01am View
hay Dinoni, are you doing web or win app?
URVISH_SUTHAR1 3-Jan-13 8:56am View
Is it work?

plz reply
URVISH_SUTHAR1 3-Jan-13 8:52am View
Yup, better to use child table .... :)
URVISH_SUTHAR1 3-Jan-13 8:49am View
yup goog is best solution for you to get any kind of doc
URVISH_SUTHAR1 3-Jan-13 8:34am View
Good solution thx
URVISH_SUTHAR1 3-Jan-13 8:26am View
above thing can be done both way like you suggested and also we can do in design time setting the same property at property window :)
URVISH_SUTHAR1 3-Jan-13 8:19am View
yup set above code and its should work as expected :)
URVISH_SUTHAR1 3-Jan-13 8:13am View
Hay Harsha, May I know what error you getting :)
URVISH_SUTHAR1 3-Jan-13 8:06am View
yup above query should work as expected
URVISH_SUTHAR1 3-Jan-13 7:51am View
i think this should work
URVISH_SUTHAR1 3-Jan-13 7:36am View
yes, you have to add order by sequence like "ORDER BY MONTH(DOB),DAY(DOB),YEAR(DOB)"
URVISH_SUTHAR1 2-Jan-13 3:30am View
I'm using DevExpress and don't have others now.
URVISH_SUTHAR1 1-Jan-13 3:08am View
Reason for my vote of 2 \n :)