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Comments by Johnny J. (Top 200 by date)

Johnny J. 23-Dec-20 5:53am View    
I know. No problem. Unfortunately, the open source project is in C/C++, and I don't know that... :-(
Johnny J. 23-Dec-20 5:13am View    
>TBN files are just JPG with a different extension (why?).
Really good question. The link also says that you can open TBN files using any image viewer in Windows. But the file I have certainly won't open neither in any image viewer programs nor image editors...
Johnny J. 25-Feb-19 6:52am View    
Thanks Richard. Those may do fine. They don't contain ALL the icons I was looking for, but with a little creativity I can make it work... ;-) (y)
Johnny J. 22-Feb-19 9:54am View    
I never said it HAD to be free... But that would be an added bonus... ;-)
Johnny J. 22-Feb-19 9:12am View    
Something like this, but for some reason, I couldn't get the link in the OP: