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Palash Mondal_ 4-Nov-15 0:12am View
I think this might be a css issue. Just check the css applied to button in the developer tools.
Palash Mondal_ 30-Oct-15 0:39am View
Your question is not clear. Could you pls add more details to it like what type of bootstrap dialog box is it?, etc.
Palash Mondal_ 29-Oct-15 4:43am View
Is the demo fiddle[^] working for you?
Palash Mondal_ 29-Oct-15 4:42am View
Let me see this code of yours.
Palash Mondal_ 20-Oct-15 1:16am View
where did you got the above code? doesn't look like a jQuery code?
Palash Mondal_ 16-Oct-15 3:33am View
model.IsNew is used for different purpose, to find if it is a insert or update and hasData is used for different purpose, to check entity exists in database. You can not combine them both here.
Palash Mondal_ 13-Oct-15 11:15am View
Are you doing hover using jQuery or CSS? Could you please post that part too?
Palash Mondal_ 13-Oct-15 10:26am View
What error message are you getting?
Palash Mondal_ 13-Oct-15 10:21am View
Please format your question and post only the relevant part where you are having the issue.
Palash Mondal_ 13-Oct-15 4:30am View
Thanks :)
Palash Mondal_ 13-Oct-15 2:25am View
Glad it helped!
Palash Mondal_ 13-Oct-15 1:59am View
Please check:
See if it helps to resolve the issue or please post a new question related to master page issue.
Palash Mondal_ 13-Oct-15 1:38am View
Glad it helped!
Palash Mondal_ 12-Oct-15 7:11am View
Do you mean that you want to render the app correctly in IE11 rather than IE8 by default?
Palash Mondal_ 9-Oct-15 7:33am View
I found the issue put the jquery js file above bootstrap like

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<style type="text/css" src=""></style>
<style type="text/css" src=""></style>

and try again...
Palash Mondal_ 9-Oct-15 6:04am View
In your question you have pasted that code I can see that.
Palash Mondal_ 9-Oct-15 5:24am View
Try to remove this css from your code:

.modal {
display: none;
Palash Mondal_ 9-Oct-15 3:44am View
Yes, the below ones:-

<!-- Latest compiled and minified CSS -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

<!-- Optional theme -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
Palash Mondal_ 9-Oct-15 3:39am View
Could you please include attempted solutions, why they didn't work, and the expected results. That would really helps us to figure out the issue with your code. Thanks!
Palash Mondal_ 9-Oct-15 3:37am View
If the fiddle is working for you that means that your code is fine, but there is some issue with notepad. Please check it once.
Palash Mondal_ 9-Oct-15 3:20am View
Are you getting any error in the console?
Are you connected to internet, since those js file are loaded online?

Btw, Fiddle is working fine for me.
Palash Mondal_ 9-Oct-15 2:59am View
Is this Fiddle[^] working for you?
Palash Mondal_ 9-Oct-15 2:05am View
Have you included ``bootstrap.min.js`` after ``jquery-1.11.0.js``?
Palash Mondal_ 7-Oct-15 9:34am View
I fully agree with you (y)
Palash Mondal_ 6-Oct-15 10:07am View
Please post the /VisitorList/Sorting code. want to see what logic you are using to sort there.
Palash Mondal_ 6-Oct-15 10:00am View
Try replacing

$('.sorting').click(function (evt) {


$(document).on('click', '.sorting', function (evt) {
Palash Mondal_ 6-Oct-15 4:26am View
It is very difficult for me to figure out the issue here searching the whole app. I see images everywhere. Could you please post a functional example that illustrates your problem on Fiddle[^]. That would really help me to focus on the real issue, then debug and fix it.
Palash Mondal_ 5-Oct-15 22:55pm View
You are welcome :)
Palash Mondal_ 5-Oct-15 7:42am View
Your issue is bit not clear here. Can you explain what you want to do with the name attribute?
Palash Mondal_ 5-Oct-15 6:15am View
Yeah, I think so. Anyways, it was a CSS issue. It would be interesting to know from OP what css prevented the click event in first place. :)
Palash Mondal_ 5-Oct-15 5:51am View
Please check this fiddle Fiddle[^]. alert is still coming after preventDefault.
Palash Mondal_ 1-Oct-15 8:07am View
Working fine as shown in this demo: FIFFLE[^]
Palash Mondal_ 1-Oct-15 8:03am View
What is the issue are you having? Your code should work. you can also try $("#BFD_PROMOTIONALDAYS").data("kendoMultiSelect").value([1,2]) for testing.
Palash Mondal_ 1-Oct-15 2:42am View
Please include attempted solutions (mainly the JS part), why they didn't work, and the expected results. Thanks!
Palash Mondal_ 1-Oct-15 1:59am View
Glad it helped!
Palash Mondal_ 1-Oct-15 0:22am View
Please add addrow() & deleteRow() js code also.
Palash Mondal_ 30-Sep-15 7:00am View
Please share the links that you are using and the order in which you have them now.
Palash Mondal_ 30-Sep-15 6:43am View
Are you using any other plugins in that page? There might be some jquery ($) conflicts due to that.
Palash Mondal_ 30-Sep-15 6:36am View
Sorry my bad you have told that you are using bootstrap-datetimepicker.js but in the code you are using bootstrap-datepicker.js. It's much easier with datepicker. you can just use shownOn property here. Hope you can take it from here.
Palash Mondal_ 30-Sep-15 6:35am View
The demo is working fine for me, and getting the alert also fine.
Palash Mondal_ 30-Sep-15 6:23am View
Is the fiddle demo code working?
Palash Mondal_ 30-Sep-15 6:09am View
In the answer I have shared a demo with link. Hope you are able to view it? If not here it is again:-
Palash Mondal_ 30-Sep-15 5:53am View
Is the fiddle demo code working for you?
Palash Mondal_ 30-Sep-15 5:00am View
Try to use this cookie js file:
Palash Mondal_ 30-Sep-15 3:22am View
Is the fiddle demo working for you?
Palash Mondal_ 30-Sep-15 3:22am View
Is the fiddle demo working for you?
Palash Mondal_ 29-Sep-15 10:40am View
What is wrong with your current code? Are you getting any error or exception? Put a console.log(response) inside the success method? What are you getting for it in the browser console?
Palash Mondal_ 29-Sep-15 7:46am View
Is getDueDate() already defined in your js file?
Palash Mondal_ 29-Sep-15 4:32am View
If you change the content of the page then the dropdown would be removed from the page right, as new content would replace it. Then how can user change the dropdown option to something else?
Palash Mondal_ 29-Sep-15 1:47am View
Please post the HTML markup also for the submit & reset buttons.
Palash Mondal_ 28-Sep-15 3:46am View
Put a console.log(response) inside the ajax success method. What are you getting in the console for it?? Also put an alert inside the show() function. Is it called in the first place??
Palash Mondal_ 28-Sep-15 3:44am View
Are you getting any error or exception in browser console? Could you please explain what you mean by "not working" as it is not clear right now.
Palash Mondal_ 28-Sep-15 3:03am View
Inside the beforeShowDay event you can look for which day are you hovering in, and based on that display information regarding on that date by modifying the tooltip as shown in the example above. I hope this would you getting started.
Palash Mondal_ 28-Sep-15 2:14am View
Are you using jQuery validate plugin?
Palash Mondal_ 28-Sep-15 2:12am View
Yup, just store the file paths in a array, loop through them and do the process one by one. Or may be store the files in a directory and get all the files in it and do the same process.
Palash Mondal_ 26-Sep-15 8:45am View
Can you use jQuery or just javascript? Is the popup window is the normal popup window or a bootstrap modal popup?
Palash Mondal_ 25-Sep-15 7:57am View
all you duplicate code inside change and each methods starting from

var ischecked = $(this).is(":checked");
Palash Mondal_ 25-Sep-15 7:45am View
Are you getting errors in browser console?
Palash Mondal_ 25-Sep-15 7:42am View
You can put the code inside a function and then re-use it in both change & each event like

$("#Checkboxlist1 :checkbox").change(function () {

$("#Checkboxlist1 :checkbox:checked").each(function () {
Palash Mondal_ 25-Sep-15 7:25am View
There is no need to remove the existing change event. This is just an additional code just to retain the checked checkboxes values on post backs.
Palash Mondal_ 25-Sep-15 4:58am View
Yup, got the issue. Ispostback value was coming as string, we need to convert it to boolean for it to work like `IsPostback = (IsPostback == 'true');`. I have also updated the code. try it out once.
Palash Mondal_ 25-Sep-15 4:51am View
Just under the page_load as we need to get the IsPostBack value here.
Palash Mondal_ 25-Sep-15 4:39am View
I have updated the code. Please try it out.
Palash Mondal_ 25-Sep-15 4:08am View
Give me sometime to figure out the issue here..
Palash Mondal_ 25-Sep-15 3:47am View
ok, try this one:

ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(GetType(), "IsPostBack", String.Format("var IsPostBack = {0};", Page.IsPostBack.ToString().ToLower()), true);
Palash Mondal_ 25-Sep-15 3:35am View
Hope you have added the first code in code behind. Also try replacing that with:

ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(this, this.GetType(), "IsPostBack", String.Format("var IsPostBack = {0};", Page.IsPostBack.ToString().ToLower()), true);

Palash Mondal_ 25-Sep-15 2:25am View
Glad it helped!
Palash Mondal_ 24-Sep-15 23:21pm View
Glad I was able to help you a bit in the process. Cheers!
Palash Mondal_ 24-Sep-15 22:57pm View
you want to disable all items except select all in Checkboxlist1 or Checkboxlist2?
Palash Mondal_ 24-Sep-15 11:10am View
You need to provide bit more info here like what values you have passed for testing, etc.
Palash Mondal_ 24-Sep-15 10:10am View
I think the issue is you have else if statement like else if (val != "Select All") before the else if (val == "Food"), so in case val == "food", it also means that val != "Select All". So, its going inside that else statement first and hence the code is not working for you. Just confirm once by placing a alert('Hello') inside it and select food checkbox.
Palash Mondal_ 24-Sep-15 9:53am View
Ok, just check the value of $("#Checkboxlist2 :checkbox[value='Chicken']").length. If that value is > 0 that would mean Checkboxlist2 have an checkbox with value Chicken.
Palash Mondal_ 24-Sep-15 9:47am View
Are you getting correct value using alert(val); when a item inside Checkboxlist1 is changed?
Palash Mondal_ 12-Sep-15 2:29am View
Glad it helped!
Palash Mondal_ 9-Sep-15 12:14pm View
Can you please post your jQuery code too...
Palash Mondal_ 9-Sep-15 10:30am View
Then you can just loop through and use the logic above on textbox focus instead.
Palash Mondal_ 4-Sep-15 9:47am View
You need to post more details about your issue here rather than just posting a bunch of random code.
Palash Mondal_ 4-Sep-15 9:23am View
Do you mean that you want to view the SSRS report in PDF or excel format after is generated from the report server?
Palash Mondal_ 4-Sep-15 9:16am View
Are you updating Dim strUser value anywhere? As per the CheckLogin() code it seems to be always a empty string?
Palash Mondal_ 4-Sep-15 9:12am View
I think you can do this on client w/ no server round trip. Just on dropdown on change event hide all the text fields and only show the required fields based on dropdown selected option.
Palash Mondal_ 4-Sep-15 9:06am View
Please include attempted solutions, why they didn't work, and the expected results. Thanks!
Palash Mondal_ 4-Sep-15 7:09am View
As mentioned in the ajax doc, "The jqXHR.success(), jqXHR.error(), and jqXHR.complete() callbacks are deprecated as of jQuery 1.8. To prepare your code for their eventual removal, use jqXHR.done(),, and jqXHR.always() instead."
Palash Mondal_ 4-Sep-15 6:50am View
I am not getting your issue here. Everything is already mentioned in the docs, what are the dependencies, what will be the markup and js code like everything is already mentioned. Where are you having the actual issue? Please be more elaborate.
Palash Mondal_ 4-Sep-15 6:42am View
May be ;)
Palash Mondal_ 4-Sep-15 6:17am View
Could you please format your cookie function once? Not able to read it properly.
Palash Mondal_ 4-Sep-15 6:13am View
What is a "magic auto fill"? Is it a pluging or something? We need more information here..
Palash Mondal_ 4-Sep-15 6:11am View
Please share the website link.
Palash Mondal_ 10-Oct-13 8:10am View
Hi Swapna, I am not sure about the jsp code, as I am not a Java developer and your jQuery code seems fine...
Palash Mondal_ 10-Oct-13 8:05am View
I think you meant

$(txtname).toggle(effect, options, 500 );

Am I right?
Palash Mondal_ 9-Oct-13 10:21am View
Why are you passing the two variables this & effect in your togglecall() function, when you are not using them all all??
Palash Mondal_ 9-Oct-13 5:18am View
Please post the HTML markup also. That would help!
Palash Mondal_ 8-Oct-13 10:34am View
Not clear what is your requirement over here???
Palash Mondal_ 8-Oct-13 10:31am View
Your ajax call is sending request to which url???
Palash Mondal_ 7-Oct-13 10:26am View
You can try this answer over here:
Palash Mondal_ 7-Oct-13 10:08am View
Palash Mondal_ 10-Jun-13 6:33am View
When we call methods of a jQuery object, the elements referred to by the selector we passed to $() are looped through automatically and implicitly. Therefore, we can usually avoid explicit iteration, such as a each loop here.
Palash Mondal_ 5-Apr-13 3:25am View
Are you getting any value for the `Division_ID` & `Division` inside the each loop?