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DamithSL 9-Jan-17 5:55am View    
.NET Framework 4.6.1
DamithSL 9-Jan-17 2:51am View    
You need to explain which part of your code is not working and what are the exceptions you get etc..
DamithSL 3-Jan-17 2:59am View    
update the question with your code
DamithSL 1-Feb-16 2:24am View    
repeater will not have first row if you haven't bind data. jquery runs on client side , ASP.NET repeater server control generate from server side. you can't clone or find first row in this case. it will fail in the beginning
DamithSL 1-Feb-16 2:04am View    
understand the concept, that sample code adding dummy item to repeater and clone it first and remove that row from jquery. cloned item updated with new value and add to repeater for all the records.