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Comments by B. Clay Shannon (Top 93 by date)

B. Clay Shannon 18-Feb-16 17:25pm View    
All down but nine, pard; set 'em up on the other alley.
B. Clay Shannon 18-Feb-16 17:18pm View    
I did have a firstborn.
B. Clay Shannon 25-Jan-16 11:10am View    
I changed JOIN to INNER JOIN and it seemed to solve the problem; I don't know why. I will continue testing to verify it has really been fixed, but so far it looks that way (that was the only change).
B. Clay Shannon 24-Jan-16 18:35pm View    
I don't know what a CTE is.
B. Clay Shannon 24-Jan-16 18:16pm View    
Thanks, I'll czech it out tomorrow.