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Darkness_07 18-Jul-17 11:16am View    
Ahh ok, thank you for that clarification i appreciate it.
Darkness_07 8-Oct-15 1:18am View    
thank you for your quick response. I will study this.
Darkness_07 8-Jan-14 4:11am View    
Yeah!...I will try this. Thanks.
Darkness_07 13-Mar-13 10:24am View    
("Your codes")-> $(this).closest("tr").find("input[type=text][id*=txtfrmDate]").attr("disabled", false);

I think you miss this "box" in your input[type=text]
Darkness_07 12-Mar-13 9:55am View    
Try to use Randomize

And do this...instead of declaring the array one by one

Dim arrow1() as integer
Dim x as integer
Dim y as integer


for x=0 to 3
for y=0 to 3
arrow1(x,y)=int(4 * Rnd +1)
next y
next x

4 is you rows and columns and the range of your sudoku number.