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Comments by Usman Hunjra (Top 200 by date)

Usman Hunjra 29-Jan-19 12:53pm View    
nice catch Sir .. ;)
Usman Hunjra 29-Jan-19 12:48pm View    
I just did that Sir .. ;)
Usman Hunjra 11-Sep-18 17:47pm View    
+5 ;)
Usman Hunjra 11-Sep-18 17:40pm View    
Dear first of all "n" is not initialized !!!
Usman Hunjra 19-Feb-18 6:27am View    
Actually this type of allocation gives you a chunk of memory but remember in order to access the elements of the array you have to use Row, Column Major Addressing formula.
You cannot use the subscript operator.