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Comments by abdul subhan mohammed (Top 200 by date)

abdul subhan mohammed 10-Dec-20 2:56am View    
I don't have any errors. But, if the user is leaving the cursor as blinking in the cell, it's unable to save the existing excel worksheet.

The 'excelApplication' is null.
abdul subhan mohammed 17-Jun-20 7:07am View    
How to add a link in the application launch or installer, If I have added any new file or files manually in the application_1_0_0_x folder. Because when I compared the released folder and application_1_0_0_x folder, the files do not contain the same.

Some files are missing in the application_1_0_0_x folder.

can you please help me to how do I get all the files that I have in released folder to the application_1_0_0_x.

abdul subhan mohammed 16-Jun-20 6:22am View    
Every time i'm getting new error could you please check I have updated my question.
abdul subhan mohammed 12-May-20 6:00am View    
How can I achieve this from Web Application(ASP.NET C#)?
abdul subhan mohammed 7-Jan-20 2:15am View    
I tried to win 10 as well, but still, the result always returning true.