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User-8621695 10-Feb-21 10:45am View    
gotcha.. so is it possible in excel? I will change my code to export in excel instead of CSV. I want filter in Header of excel sheet like we do in our excel using Sort & Filter menu.
User-8621695 15-Aug-20 13:30pm View    
Thanks, but I don't have to make SQL call with delete operation,as I am doing few more operations on data and then removing it.
User-8621695 30-Jul-20 7:16am View    
Thanks @Garth, it worked for me :)
User-8621695 30-Jul-20 6:34am View    
yes, both files are at same location. Also exe is working fine when I am trying to run it individually but not working from C# console application.
User-8621695 9-Jul-20 10:49am View    
I am still facing issue with this and not able to do properly.Can someone please help.