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codeninja-C# 23-Dec-13 3:40am View
Thanks, Tadit i will ask
codeninja-C# 20-Aug-13 9:48am View
codeninja-C# 20-Aug-13 6:41am View
You are Welcome :)
codeninja-C# 20-Aug-13 5:52am View
can you provide the code for mentioned method
codeninja-C# 11-Jul-13 5:15am View
Thanks Neeraj:-)
codeninja-C# 11-Jul-13 5:15am View
Thank You, my doubt is cleared right now +5
codeninja-C# 10-Jul-13 10:03am View
Hi Neeraj,
I updated my question kindly look into that
codeninja-C# 24-Jun-13 1:57am View
Hi SA,
Thanks for your response My +5.
I know there is no key word to find mixed-nodes in Xpath.
My understanding is,
if count(text()) > 0
then current node is mixed node
please correct me if i am wrong
codeninja-C# 11-Jun-13 9:33am View
Hi, If i am using linq for converting dataset result, it may occupy memory so, it will reduce the performance.
but if i am using datareader there is no wastage of local memory so it might increase the performance
please clarify my understanding is true or not...
codeninja-C# 7-Jun-13 13:07pm View
Thanks, good explanation +5
codeninja-C# 31-May-13 3:31am View
Even though i am using data contract all the numeral data types (int,long,bit) are reset to zero
codeninja-C# 30-May-13 10:33am View
hi, i updated my question please respond to it - thanks
codeninja-C# 19-Apr-13 4:05am View
my assumption answer
string searchTXt = DropDownList1.SelectedValue.ToString(); // Instead of GridView2 use DropDownList1
codeninja-C# 19-Apr-13 1:52am View
Hi SA, really thanks for your input(i don't know JS it might be the problem). can you help me how could i design a customized XML Rich Text Box(all Rich Text Box works for HTML Tags but mine should be work for XML tags)?
Now, I hope you understand my idea clearly
codeninja-C# 19-Apr-13 1:33am View
Hi Red,
I don't know the solution for your problem but some one from code project community will help you.
my advice is try to create an empty web page and insert the editor into it and check that page in browser if it works fine, probably you need to recheck your page design.
if you resolve this bug with any other option please intimate me..
codeninja-C# 19-Apr-13 1:26am View
Hi SA, I would like to design a web page which contain the XML Editor(it is as same as Visual Studio new XML file creation it contain all XML characteristics)
I decided to do it by using TextBox keypress event(because i already did this using console application by Console.Read())
How could i initiate event for every key press? How could i change the text color?
I found the answer that i should use Rich Text Box...
Now my thinking is how could i design my own Rich Text Box especially for XML?
can you give me an idea to do that?
codeninja-C# 19-Apr-13 1:14am View
Hi BillWoodruff, that post don't get response up to two days, i.e., only reason for re-posting
codeninja-C# 18-Apr-13 4:08am View

It might be work,
Verify the outer table width and Height and set the editor width and height
codeninja-C# 18-Apr-13 3:48am View
Hi thomas, thanks for your link
codeninja-C# 18-Apr-13 3:47am View
Sorry, i am expecting something different approach
codeninja-C# 17-Apr-13 8:47am View
Thanks Thomas +5
codeninja-C# 17-Apr-13 8:47am View
Thanks SA +5
codeninja-C# 17-Apr-13 8:04am View
Hi Thomas, Thanks. you can find my full requirement from following URL
codeninja-C# 17-Apr-13 7:54am View
try to add insert items into ddl after data binding data into ddl
DDLCollege.Items.Insert(0, "------ Select College -----");
codeninja-C# 17-Apr-13 7:46am View
1. your regex expression is correct so, try to check your input email address.
2. If it doesn't work in client side, check with page side validation in c#.
3. If page side validation works fine, try to create new text box with new regex validation control
codeninja-C# 17-Apr-13 3:52am View
Hi, in text box i don't find "KeyPress" event. how could i achieve it?
codeninja-C# 17-Apr-13 3:49am View
Hi BillWoodruff, I would like to design XML editor (same as Visual Studio 2008, while creating new XML file that window contain all the properties of XML) in web page. I also updated my question in
codeninja-C# 16-Apr-13 3:44am View
Hi SA, I did big research about this problem and i found one thing that all editors support html tags. Even though it support HTML tags, the tags and the values are not differentiated by colors(like what web browser does while showing XML content). I want to design a web page which should be like Visual Studio XML file(While we create new XML file Visual Studio automatically inherit all XML characteristics)
codeninja-C# 10-Apr-13 7:43am View

codeninja-C# 4-Apr-13 3:41am View
following logic might work
if(database.checkbox.value == false)
checkbox.enabled = false;
checkbox.enabled = true;
codeninja-C# 4-Apr-13 3:35am View
you are welcome :)
codeninja-C# 26-Dec-12 6:17am View
codeninja-C# 13-Dec-12 2:26am View
can you provide your documents name?
codeninja-C# 13-Dec-12 2:19am View
May i know your RAM Size? probably, it takes around 1GB RAM for 5 iterations
codeninja-C# 12-Dec-12 9:19am View
may i know why you want this?Is that file contains a clear value or encoded value? are you try to open that file in wordpad?
codeninja-C# 10-Dec-12 8:03am View
Hi Ankit,
"A private constructor means that a class cannot be created anywhere but inside its own methods"
codeninja-C# 10-Dec-12 7:34am View
Hi Ankit,
Thanks, Can you explain it using small code?
codeninja-C# 10-Dec-12 6:46am View
Hi Ankit,
Constructor is always public isn't it? if yes, what do you mean by private constructors? can you explain?
codeninja-C# 7-Dec-12 6:10am View
Sorry, I don't get you
codeninja-C# 7-Dec-12 5:50am View
+5 great
codeninja-C# 7-Dec-12 1:47am View
codeninja-C# 6-Dec-12 23:48pm View
The above code definitely capitalize the first character of a word.
can you elaborate your problem?
codeninja-C# 6-Dec-12 8:28am View
@Sperneder,Difference is --> new char[] { '`', '^' }
codeninja-C# 1-Dec-12 6:37am View
Sorry, i don't know.
codeninja-C# 1-Dec-12 6:30am View
How could it possible!!!!
codeninja-C# 1-Dec-12 6:21am View
What are you showing using ajax auto complete? is it a integer value or string value?
codeninja-C# 30-Nov-12 9:04am View
can you provide your Hidden_id.Value?
codeninja-C# 30-Nov-12 0:10am View
I updated my result and it will be working fine, but find the better way to avoid that exception. Once you find let me know
codeninja-C# 28-Nov-12 23:41pm View
I agree with Sergey's points. If you really good in (engineering) mathematics, you can make many admirable things in .Net
codeninja-C# 28-Nov-12 23:21pm View
Hi Sergey,
thanks for your valuable inputs
codeninja-C# 28-Nov-12 4:02am View
Hi Sergey,
Where can i use switch block? How can i use it more effectively? Can you provide a small example to reconstruct above switch block
codeninja-C# 24-Nov-12 1:30am View
Your second link clarify my doubts
codeninja-C# 22-Nov-12 9:14am View
You are welcome
codeninja-C# 22-Nov-12 1:44am View

I have to split the array based on certain length which is the actual length of the array and then i added into the list.
Is it possible to get the spitted array list from File Stream?

codeninja-C# 21-Nov-12 23:38pm View

My second question is based on the array size. I converted the file stream into byte array. I thought when the array size is increasing, it will decrease the program process. Is it true?

and i also have another question which is based on array split
How can i store the splitted array into list from Memory Stream/ File Stream? (With out converting it into the byte array)
codeninja-C# 21-Nov-12 9:35am View
Thanks for your referenced link. Its really good and i will test my code using BFI
codeninja-C# 21-Nov-12 9:25am View
I am processing only a 1MB file
codeninja-C# 21-Nov-12 9:07am View

The byte array size is more than 10,00,000. i thought it probably occupies more memory space so that i come to the decision of worst process. What is the certain way to calculate the program process

Thanks for your responce