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ravithejag 23-Feb-17 22:52pm View
Yes Prasad its working as expected in Chrome.Thnaks
ravithejag 11-Dec-16 8:56am View
yes we are developing app for both Android and iOS
ravithejag 24-Jul-16 1:46am View
yes i know i need to correct the path ,the issue is if i deploy same instances of applications in a same website the image is not getting loaded.Because i can't change the path of the image in the solution based on the application
ravithejag 4-Mar-16 5:00am View
Chk dis
ravithejag 15-Dec-15 22:14pm View
I will take care next time Bill :)
ravithejag 15-Dec-15 10:23am View
when i query SELECT name FROM `Employee` in n1ql command getting no primary index is present .
Can i know how to solve this
ravithejag 15-Dec-15 10:16am View
Its returning null

This is data present in the document

"id": 1,
"name": "Kirti",
"age": 28,
"designation": "Developer"
"id": 2,
"name": "Ravi G",
"age": 25,
"designation": "Developer"
"id": 3,
"name": "Madhavi",
"age": 25,
"designation": "Developer"
"id": 4,
"name": "Niveditha",
"age": 25,
"designation": "Developer"
ravithejag 15-Dec-15 9:54am View
I have created a sample program that inserts Employee details into the Employee Bucket
public List<employee> GetEmployees()
return new List<employee>()
new Employee{Id=1,Name="aaa",Age=28,Designation="Developer"},
new Employee{Id=2,Name="bbb",Age=25,Designation="Developer"},
new Employee{Id=3,Name="ccc",Age=25,Designation="Developer"},
new Employee{Id=4,Name="ddd",Age=25,Designation="Developer"},

ClusterHelper.GetBucket(CouchbaseConfigHelper.Instance.Bucket).Upsert("Employee:", GetEmployees());

Data got inserted to the Employee Bucket Successfully.
But i am unable to retrieve the data from that bucket
Please find the code
var query = "SELECT name FROM Employee";

var data = ClusterHelper
ravithejag 9-Sep-15 7:33am View
I already have a model with data present in the view no need to make ajax call.
And i want all the data to be displayed on focus of the textbox and to be filtered based on the entered text.

I am using jQuery mobile 1.0 and on page load only all the data getting displayed.
ravithejag 2-Sep-15 5:43am View
I want to know can i assign values in tempdata in javascript method r any other variable in javascript file in mvc so that i can get that value in controller action method
ravithejag 2-Mar-15 0:02am View
I added one more column in the table, added row sequence id i.e based on itemvalue.
It solved my problem and it's working fine :)
ravithejag 25-Feb-15 7:00am View
Hi I tried using Pivot
select * from (
select ItemId,ItemValue,Cost from Item )
pivot(max(ItemValue) for itemid in (1,3,4,5))

But its giving the max of that itemid.

Hi CHill60,
In my scenario there are hundreds of ItemValues are present,here i can't use case statements
ravithejag 18-Dec-14 6:15am View
Try this
ravithejag 18-Dec-14 6:07am View
I hope it will answer your question

To check whether the checkbox is checked r not
//display the details
//hide the details if already displayed on the screen
ravithejag 27-Nov-14 4:51am View
perfect answer
ravithejag 19-Sep-14 5:31am View
i know its correctly hitting the action,but unable to fetch the selected checkbox values from the model(Role)
ravithejag 21-Nov-13 6:10am View
It's HTTPS enabled service
ravithejag 15-Nov-13 4:08am View
Hi Bhuvanesh, I will be using Store Procs for this
ravithejag 22-Oct-13 7:55am View
Thank u
ravithejag 2-Jul-13 0:06am View
Nirav.i am working in TFS
ravithejag 25-Jun-13 8:30am View
I also tried keydown instead of keypress then also its not working in chrome
ravithejag 26-Apr-13 3:24am View
thanks Bernhard
ravithejag 26-Apr-13 3:01am View
we will pass the error code manually from our side
ravithejag 26-Apr-13 2:59am View
hi if Exception occurs i need to throw the error code(present in DB) from Business layer to presentation layer
ravithejag 26-Apr-13 2:20am View
@prasad i may be using log4net for passing error codes
ravithejag 17-Apr-13 3:03am View
Hi it's an web app
ravithejag 3-Apr-13 7:08am View
<asp:CheckBox ID="CheckBox1" runat="server" Font-Names="Times New Roman"/> It works for me also
ravithejag 2-Apr-13 6:50am View
Need to see your code and where are all the alert boxes have been used
ravithejag 19-Mar-13 6:52am View
you can make javascript ajax call
ravithejag 19-Mar-13 6:50am View
ravithejag 19-Mar-13 0:54am View
try the menu part
ravithejag 19-Mar-13 0:09am View
Try this

//Place your code
ravithejag 11-Mar-13 6:53am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n thanks
ravithejag 29-Jan-13 0:48am View
this may help you
ravithejag 22-Jan-13 3:36am View
what is the error?
ravithejag 17-Jan-13 3:25am View
hi sandeep i need the url schema of the ios application.
ravithejag 16-Jan-13 5:33am View
thanks Vyacheslav
ravithejag 16-Jan-13 3:38am View
Thanks Tharaka
ravithejag 16-Jan-13 3:38am View
ravithejag 5-Dec-12 8:31am View
ya sure .....
ravithejag 14-Nov-12 1:59am View
thanks Joannou
ravithejag 29-Oct-12 5:34am View
it may help you
ravithejag 21-Sep-12 7:40am View
thanks kenneth
ravithejag 13-Aug-12 2:56am View
thanks Alex
ravithejag 13-Aug-12 2:56am View
Hi Manfred,
i need to find the point by the specified angle
ravithejag 4-May-12 8:30am View
Thanks sandeep
ravithejag 27-Apr-12 0:35am View
Hi sandeep i have tried but not getting any effects
ravithejag 26-Apr-12 7:45am View
i also want to have the transition effects between the images
Please help me if you know about this
ravithejag 26-Apr-12 7:44am View
i also want to have the transition effects between the images
ravithejag 25-Apr-12 1:09am View
Hi manfred,
the image is changing but not getting the effect that it has been changed
ravithejag 13-Apr-12 6:04am View
thanks clifford
ravithejag 4-Apr-12 0:53am View
I want to rotate an object based on the angle obtained from the hand
ravithejag 3-Apr-12 0:32am View
Thanks oliver
ravithejag 2-Apr-12 2:55am View
i am placing different images in the window.
the data is available in XAML code.
i want to trigger some event onto the image based on the data obtained from XAML in runtime.
ravithejag 27-Mar-12 4:38am View
hi can u send me the link which contains code for wave gesture
Thank You
ravithejag 27-Mar-12 1:08am View
Ya sure praveen
ravithejag 27-Mar-12 1:07am View
Praveen can u help me how to use wave gestures using kinect SDK
ravithejag 26-Mar-12 6:42am View
ravithejag 26-Mar-12 6:41am View
Hi praveen,
ravithejag 23-Feb-12 1:14am View
hi Manfred,
yes the image is moving but not getting the effect that the new image appears
i need an effect for that
ravithejag 15-Feb-12 3:54am View
thanks for your solution