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Richard C Bishop 9-May-16 11:16am View
Just use some jQuery. Create an html structure that the jQuery popup you choose calls for and place your content inside it.
Richard C Bishop 26-Mar-16 18:57pm View
I clearly submitted that in error. The extra "pre" tag and "b" tags should be gone and the "</table>" should be after the "</tr>" in the html string.
Richard C Bishop 22-Apr-15 11:08am View
Thank you sir! Hope it helped you.
Richard C Bishop 21-Apr-15 8:13am View
Fair enough, but for future reference, it is helpful to put the whole context of the exception into perspective. From what you posted and said, my solution is the obvious answer, as is eluded to in the comment section above. Take care!
Richard C Bishop 21-Apr-15 8:10am View
I would need more info and code to tell you more. I just know that when calling a REST API you need a "?" to pass the query parameters.
Richard C Bishop 20-Apr-15 17:11pm View
Please see my solution and let me know if that helps. You seem to be missing the "?" that signifies a query string parameter.
Richard C Bishop 20-Apr-15 17:08pm View
Try setting EnableSsl = false;
Richard C Bishop 20-Apr-15 16:57pm View
It does not appear that you are passing your parameter correctly. You don't have it set up as a query string. See below.
Richard C Bishop 20-Apr-15 16:51pm View
Can you clarify please? What are you adding an item to and what is the basis of your redirect?

Im guessing you probably want to pass the id in the query string to use it elsewhere.
Richard C Bishop 20-Apr-15 16:42pm View
You just need to check the date/time of when they first clicked the button, if it is still the same day, then disable/hide the "check-in" button using ng-show or the ng-class directives.
Richard C Bishop 9-Jan-15 20:58pm View
I ended up removing everything from godaddy and just put it back after making a few adjustments and it just works now.
Richard C Bishop 9-Jan-15 20:57pm View
Thank you very much. Your answer lead me to figure it out.
Richard C Bishop 9-Jan-15 9:52am View
Thank you! I will give it a try and report back. Are there any settings in the web.config you are using?
Richard C Bishop 8-Jan-15 22:31pm View
I searched and found nothing. The only thing that is even remotely related is I have another project identical to this one that still has SendGrid in it and has port 587 referenced. I removed those files and added my new project so I don't get how it is doing that.
Richard C Bishop 8-Jan-15 22:13pm View
I agree, I need to get rid of it. How do you get rid of something that is not there? Is there somewhere else I can look besides the solution in Visual Studio?
Richard C Bishop 8-Jan-15 21:58pm View
Ok, so I pinged that IP and it belongs to SendGrid. SendGrid is a product that was recommended to send emails. I tried it and did not get it to work so I removed the code and references to it, so that is bizzare it would be doing that.
Richard C Bishop 8-Jan-15 21:46pm View
Good to hear from you Sergey! I of course did not provide many details in an effort to get a different set of info. I will go ahead and add the code I have and some of what I have attempted.
Richard C Bishop 28-Aug-14 12:17pm View
Change the targetFramework in the web.config.
Richard C Bishop 27-Aug-14 12:43pm View
Your fundamental understanding is flawed. A browser does not compile anything, it simply renders what the server returns. C# is a server language and is not comparable to CSS or javascript. CSS is strictly for styling and javascript is a client side scripting language. Browsers don't throw exceptions, they render what the server returns.
Richard C Bishop 2-Jul-14 17:59pm View
show the code
Richard C Bishop 27-Jun-14 13:14pm View
I would recommend Nlogger, however, it does not store data in MYSQL, but it is very simple.
Richard C Bishop 9-Jun-14 17:55pm View
As goathik stated above, you are passing an invalid argument to the .AddWithValues() method. That needs to be the value you want in place of your parameter, not a datatype.
Richard C Bishop 5-Jun-14 17:37pm View
As Wes stated, this is not going to be a viable project for you to attempt. It's comparable to learning to run before you can even crawl.
Richard C Bishop 4-Jun-14 18:14pm View
Where are you stuck? What have you tried?
Richard C Bishop 27-May-14 17:14pm View
Im sure English is not your native language, but what you are saying is for someone to do your work for you. Try and clarify so that we may better assist you.
Richard C Bishop 27-May-14 16:10pm View
Without context, your code does not make sense.
Richard C Bishop 27-May-14 16:05pm View
Something is calling it. Show the markup please.
Richard C Bishop 27-May-14 13:39pm View
Who are you talking to with that? There are no insults. If you are insulted by being told to do some research, than you are going to be insulted quite frequently here.
Richard C Bishop 27-May-14 0:45am View
I provided the answer, but this question smells awefully test like or homeworkish. It would benefit you to research before posting questions, not because you won't get help but because that is how you get better.
Richard C Bishop 27-May-14 0:33am View
If it is a CSS issue, try setting the z-index of the text/label in the Balloon popup to a larger number so that it is not covered up.
Richard C Bishop 2-May-14 17:32pm View
Can you use an updatepanel for them?
Richard C Bishop 2-May-14 17:31pm View
Are you trying to change the name of the file you are uploading?
Richard C Bishop 26-Apr-14 16:59pm View
You are welcome, hope it helps.
Richard C Bishop 26-Apr-14 16:58pm View
You are welcome, though it wasn't much help. :)
Richard C Bishop 25-Apr-14 14:06pm View
That does not make any sense. Feedback is static noise that affects audio devices.
Richard C Bishop 25-Apr-14 13:10pm View
Debug the stored procedure and find where you are attempting to convert an int to a datetime and fix it. Simple as that.
Richard C Bishop 25-Apr-14 13:05pm View
This is not a good suggestion as you are propagating the dangerous practice of string concatenation in queries. This leaves your application open to SQL injection.
Richard C Bishop 25-Apr-14 13:00pm View
That is not how it works here. Besides, are all search engines broken?
Richard C Bishop 25-Apr-14 12:48pm View
Just remove one of the "[0]" from the Rows. You should only need one.
Richard C Bishop 24-Apr-14 18:06pm View
Richard C Bishop 24-Apr-14 14:58pm View
I see what you are saying, good point.
Richard C Bishop 24-Apr-14 13:23pm View
The only way to get around that is for the user to disable the popup-blocker. You could display an alert to tell the user to do so.
Richard C Bishop 24-Apr-14 13:22pm View
You already posted this question, delete this one before you get downvoted.
Richard C Bishop 24-Apr-14 9:51am View
Ok, is it throwing any exceptions?
Richard C Bishop 22-Apr-14 17:47pm View
From who?
Richard C Bishop 21-Apr-14 12:56pm View
You could use a table to format that. It would be easier than unordered lists and div combination.
Richard C Bishop 17-Apr-14 16:10pm View
The code literally tells you what each line is doing.
Richard C Bishop 17-Apr-14 15:55pm View
That's ok. You take the info you find and start playing with it. After you at least attempt it, you can bring a structured question here with the code in question and we can help you then.
Richard C Bishop 17-Apr-14 15:51pm View
What has the internet told you when you looked it up?
Richard C Bishop 17-Apr-14 15:04pm View
Provide the proper credentials.
Richard C Bishop 17-Apr-14 15:01pm View
Do you have documentation for the device?
Richard C Bishop 17-Apr-14 12:20pm View
SQL does not have a switch case. You can use Case Statements.
Richard C Bishop 17-Apr-14 11:40am View
Nice, my AC stopped working.........then I opened the vents.
Richard C Bishop 17-Apr-14 11:39am View
Very well, just load it into a datagridview then. There is several examples of how to do that on the web.
Richard C Bishop 17-Apr-14 11:32am View
You need to change the alternator and spark plugs. :)
Richard C Bishop 17-Apr-14 11:31am View
As the content in Solution 2 mentions, displaying that data in a message box is not really a good way to do that. Is this a web forms or win forms app?
Richard C Bishop 17-Apr-14 10:49am View
You are welcome, and thank you. Let me know if you have any issues.
Richard C Bishop 17-Apr-14 10:44am View
readFile in my code is comparable to reader in your code. You would not need that line of code you have if you use my method. See my updated solution to see how I use it.
Richard C Bishop 16-Apr-14 12:17pm View
What do you mean you can't find the "WHERE" condition. Look at the query, it exists where the word "WHERE" is.
Richard C Bishop 15-Apr-14 16:46pm View
Why the double-quotes and single-quote around runat?
Richard C Bishop 15-Apr-14 16:29pm View
No problem, good luck.
Richard C Bishop 15-Apr-14 16:29pm View
Indeed, good alternative.
Richard C Bishop 15-Apr-14 16:03pm View
Show all of the code you are using for that function.
Richard C Bishop 15-Apr-14 13:17pm View
You probably need to enable remote access on the machine you are attempting to access.
Richard C Bishop 15-Apr-14 12:03pm View
You have already asked this question and received answers. You are not going to get someone to do this for you.
Richard C Bishop 15-Apr-14 12:02pm View
Write some code.
Richard C Bishop 15-Apr-14 11:21am View
Why did you post a question as a solution to another question?
Richard C Bishop 15-Apr-14 11:13am View
Is Google broken?
Richard C Bishop 15-Apr-14 10:11am View
Reduce the amount of records you are querying, that is the only way.
Richard C Bishop 15-Apr-14 9:36am View
Go ahead, you have our permission.
Richard C Bishop 15-Apr-14 9:35am View
You should be doing your own homework. How else are you going to learn?
Richard C Bishop 15-Apr-14 9:31am View
So what have you tried? Where are you stuck?
Richard C Bishop 15-Apr-14 9:29am View
What does the error message say?
Richard C Bishop 15-Apr-14 9:23am View
See my updated solution.
Richard C Bishop 14-Apr-14 15:18pm View
Thank you Wes!
Richard C Bishop 14-Apr-14 15:17pm View
Code please.
Richard C Bishop 14-Apr-14 13:51pm View
Good luck! An actual progress bar is very difficult.
Richard C Bishop 14-Apr-14 13:34pm View
I don't see anywhere where you are performing any sort of query.
Richard C Bishop 14-Apr-14 11:26am View
Need to see the code.
Richard C Bishop 14-Apr-14 10:03am View
Very well, is this a web forms or win forms application?
Richard C Bishop 11-Apr-14 16:34pm View
Be mindful of where you are posting items. This nonsense is posted as a solution to your non-question. Down-voting and abuse reports stem from this sort of behavior. Just a friendly comment to make you aware.
Richard C Bishop 11-Apr-14 16:32pm View
Can you use UpdatePanels to only refresh portions that need it so your timer does not feel the effects of a full page post-back?
Richard C Bishop 11-Apr-14 16:00pm View
Post as solution if it solved the OP's problem!
Richard C Bishop 11-Apr-14 13:04pm View
No worries.
Richard C Bishop 11-Apr-14 12:59pm View
That makes no sense, please elaborate.
Richard C Bishop 11-Apr-14 12:58pm View
That comment is for Wes Aday.
Richard C Bishop 11-Apr-14 12:52pm View
Add as the solution!
Richard C Bishop 11-Apr-14 12:12pm View
Thank you sir!
Richard C Bishop 11-Apr-14 11:32am View
Also a nice catch! +5
Richard C Bishop 11-Apr-14 11:18am View
Too kind!
Richard C Bishop 11-Apr-14 11:17am View
Well, that might not be the only issue, but is certainly is one. Can you show the rest of the code that is associated with that query?
Richard C Bishop 11-Apr-14 10:35am View
Very well, how about we both post a solution as yours is good as well.
Richard C Bishop 11-Apr-14 10:34am View
Thank you Maciej! Now if only I could be that diligent with my own work. :laugh
Richard C Bishop 11-Apr-14 10:21am View
You don't have a space before the 2nd "AND" in your query.
Richard C Bishop 11-Apr-14 9:26am View
Thank you Aarti!
Richard C Bishop 10-Apr-14 17:13pm View
Using what technology? JavaScript? server-side code?
Richard C Bishop 10-Apr-14 16:48pm View
Fair enough, but what if I was vicariously "knighting" you?
Richard C Bishop 10-Apr-14 16:06pm View
Thank you sir, too kind!
Richard C Bishop 10-Apr-14 16:03pm View
Good, you are welcome. Posted.
Richard C Bishop 10-Apr-14 15:49pm View
Add this to your Redirect URL:


and also set the CausesValidation Property to false on the cancel button.
Richard C Bishop 10-Apr-14 15:28pm View
Add this tag above your EndSession() method:

Richard C Bishop 10-Apr-14 11:14am View
Compare it to what, a taco, an asteroid?
Richard C Bishop 9-Apr-14 13:21pm View
What you posted here is VB.Net code-behind. This is not ASP.Net or html. Also, you cannot convert one to the other. They are two different technologies. You can remove the ASP.Net and add the corresponding html control if one exists.
Richard C Bishop 9-Apr-14 11:50am View
Ok, thank you for adding the code. Now, is there any code-behind that is setting an id for any of the controls?
Richard C Bishop 9-Apr-14 11:13am View
Please try and explain better, what you have makes no sense.
Richard C Bishop 9-Apr-14 10:45am View
Does the gridview exist on the page already?
Richard C Bishop 9-Apr-14 10:43am View
You need to show us your code so that we can tell where the issue is occurring. The exception that is being thrown says there are two components with the same id, one needs to be changed. If you want help here, you need to post the code.
Richard C Bishop 9-Apr-14 10:29am View
It will disappear if it is coded to do so, else it will just re-run the same code it did when you clicked it the first time.
Richard C Bishop 9-Apr-14 10:28am View
Show the code, the exception is not lying to you.
Richard C Bishop 8-Apr-14 17:30pm View
It does not work that way. Id's are not URL's.
Richard C Bishop 8-Apr-14 17:08pm View
Why not ask a search engine? It will give you more results and you don't have to wait.
Richard C Bishop 8-Apr-14 16:40pm View
What is not working about it?
Richard C Bishop 8-Apr-14 13:42pm View
How do you suppose we help?
Richard C Bishop 8-Apr-14 11:49am View
Generate a number where?
Richard C Bishop 8-Apr-14 11:44am View
And how do you suppose we do that?
Richard C Bishop 8-Apr-14 11:32am View
You did not provide any information.
Richard C Bishop 8-Apr-14 11:03am View
I couldn't tell you. I am not very privy to CrytalReports. I am going to go ahead and post my comment as the solution since it did in fact solve your initial issue.
Richard C Bishop 8-Apr-14 10:51am View
My guess is that you are possibly reading or writing a file and not closing the reader/writer or the connection to it.
Richard C Bishop 7-Apr-14 17:48pm View
Thank you Maciej!
Richard C Bishop 7-Apr-14 13:58pm View
If you change it and try to save and it says you have to drop it to make that change, that is what you have to do.
Richard C Bishop 4-Apr-14 13:05pm View
This is not the place for this. Go to one of the forums if you want to talk about this.
Richard C Bishop 4-Apr-14 12:59pm View
Did you see my updated solution?
Richard C Bishop 4-Apr-14 12:46pm View
See my updated solution above.
Richard C Bishop 4-Apr-14 12:36pm View
Just add a comma after each address in one string value and pass that to the Add() method.
Richard C Bishop 3-Apr-14 19:11pm View
Do your own homework. How else are you going to learn?
Richard C Bishop 3-Apr-14 15:05pm View
Use validation to ensure required fields are not null.
Richard C Bishop 3-Apr-14 13:48pm View
The image would have to be stored on a server somewhere.
Richard C Bishop 3-Apr-14 13:23pm View
Code won't effect anything if it is a server issue.
Richard C Bishop 1-Apr-14 15:53pm View
See Maciej Los solution below. This is what I was talking about, your combox value not being persisted to where you expected.
Richard C Bishop 1-Apr-14 15:52pm View
Great addition. I suspected there was an issue with the value getting persisted from the combobox. +5
Richard C Bishop 1-Apr-14 15:38pm View
I thought so, thank you Maciej!
Richard C Bishop 1-Apr-14 15:31pm View
Ok, that means you are not getting the expected value upon your comboBox choice. What are the possible values available for it?
Richard C Bishop 1-Apr-14 15:30pm View
I see, yeah that is tricky.
Richard C Bishop 1-Apr-14 15:26pm View
You literally used the word to use in your query(distinct).
Richard C Bishop 31-Mar-14 16:48pm View
Nice alternative.
Richard C Bishop 31-Mar-14 16:46pm View
I know, silly folks. Thank you.
Richard C Bishop 31-Mar-14 15:18pm View
Where does this fail at? Your insert statement will definitely fail, does it fail anywhere else?
Richard C Bishop 31-Mar-14 14:38pm View
Richard C Bishop 28-Mar-14 18:22pm View
Thank you Sergey.
Richard C Bishop 28-Mar-14 16:26pm View
Put that as the answer, except maybe elaborate a bit.
Richard C Bishop 28-Mar-14 13:44pm View
What is the error?
Richard C Bishop 28-Mar-14 12:46pm View
Oh, so you don't want to make anything, just have it given to you?
Richard C Bishop 27-Mar-14 17:59pm View
If you already have the program made that does it, why are you asking us for the source code?
Richard C Bishop 27-Mar-14 12:10pm View
You have not described a problem?
Richard C Bishop 27-Mar-14 12:00pm View
You are welcome. Please accept this as the answer to your problem.
Richard C Bishop 27-Mar-14 11:55am View
You are doing the same loop twice. Just do it once and viola!
Richard C Bishop 27-Mar-14 10:53am View
We'll need to see your code.
Richard C Bishop 26-Mar-14 15:23pm View
Code please.
Richard C Bishop 26-Mar-14 15:22pm View
Getting any errors?
Richard C Bishop 25-Mar-14 10:47am View
Well considering "Global Warming" is a hoax and/or non-existent, I would suggest choosing a different topic so you do not lose credibility.
Richard C Bishop 25-Mar-14 10:43am View
You are joking right?
Richard C Bishop 25-Mar-14 10:28am View
Can't help if you don't show us your code.
Richard C Bishop 24-Mar-14 18:25pm View
This has captured my curiosity and I cannot tell if you are serious about giving the OP their system drive or if you are giving them a hard time.
Richard C Bishop 24-Mar-14 18:09pm View
This is not the appropriate place to rant about an issue you may have. Please go to the forums if you want a response.
Richard C Bishop 24-Mar-14 17:50pm View
This makes no sense. Please try and elaborate.
Richard C Bishop 24-Mar-14 17:47pm View
Search the internet.
Richard C Bishop 24-Mar-14 17:47pm View
Connect to it and send it commands to run.
Richard C Bishop 24-Mar-14 13:38pm View
Just use some javascript and make a timer.
Richard C Bishop 24-Mar-14 12:39pm View
Ok, have a look at my updated solution and use that code.
Richard C Bishop 24-Mar-14 12:24pm View
Is your query returning anything?
Richard C Bishop 21-Mar-14 17:34pm View
The solution section is not for asking questions.
Richard C Bishop 21-Mar-14 15:51pm View
Please clarify as that does not make any sense.
Richard C Bishop 21-Mar-14 11:43am View
Try in your success function:
Richard C Bishop 21-Mar-14 11:26am View
Put a break-point at the instantiation and jsonData. See if the value you are assigning it is actually "Hello World" or if it is getting null.
Richard C Bishop 21-Mar-14 11:15am View
I just figured it out I think. You can keep your URL as you have it, but your HelloWorld() method does not return anything. Therefore, you would get null as the value in your AJAX response. You need to return a string value and change the method signature to do so.
Richard C Bishop 21-Mar-14 10:41am View
Change the error function to this:
error: function (jqXHR){

This will tell you what the actual error is.
Richard C Bishop 21-Mar-14 10:28am View
What is "this error"?
Richard C Bishop 20-Mar-14 16:41pm View
This makes zero sense.
Richard C Bishop 20-Mar-14 16:41pm View
Are you wanting to execute this query from code-behind?
Richard C Bishop 20-Mar-14 16:30pm View
The context of your question is not clear. You cannot declare variables the same way in T-SQL as you do C#.
Richard C Bishop 20-Mar-14 13:18pm View
But what?
Richard C Bishop 13-Mar-14 15:51pm View
Very well, thank you for that info.
Richard C Bishop 13-Mar-14 10:57am View
Have you added a using statement to your page referencing the dll?
Richard C Bishop 13-Mar-14 10:29am View
That is not how it works here. Besides, that information exists countless times on the internet already.
Richard C Bishop 7-Mar-14 17:16pm View
The beginning of what?
Richard C Bishop 28-Feb-14 15:29pm View
Good work!
Richard C Bishop 27-Feb-14 15:37pm View
Post the HTML that shows you referencing your jQuery files. There could be an order issue.
Richard C Bishop 20-Feb-14 13:37pm View
I'm sure English is not your native tongue, but you will have to find a way to make sense of your question.
Richard C Bishop 17-Feb-14 17:53pm View
You would have to check the API documentation.
Richard C Bishop 17-Feb-14 14:56pm View
I think I will try the latter. Thank you for the input.
Richard C Bishop 17-Feb-14 13:45pm View
That makes sense, thank you. Do you happen to have a link or article on how to read an excel file with jQuery?
Richard C Bishop 14-Feb-14 15:48pm View
Interesting, thank you.
Richard C Bishop 14-Feb-14 15:33pm View
Your solution is much cleaner than mine. I have not created any REGEX on my own, but that is a good idea in this case. +5.
Richard C Bishop 14-Feb-14 13:42pm View
I don't think you need ".href" after the "window.location". Try that and let me know.
Richard C Bishop 14-Feb-14 9:41am View
Here is an article that will tell you about it.
Richard C Bishop 13-Feb-14 15:26pm View
Awesome, thank you for sharing.
Richard C Bishop 13-Feb-14 14:57pm View
Have you tried using MyDateTimePicker.Value?
Richard C Bishop 13-Feb-14 14:50pm View
I'm sorry, but you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. I would pick up some books on C# and start reading. You need to have a basic understanding of the fundamentals before you can even begin to ask questions about it. Best of luck to you.
Richard C Bishop 13-Feb-14 14:10pm View
Well, there a several classes that exist in the .Net framework, not to mention you can create your own classes. So, again, your question does not make sense. The classes and functionality needed is dependent on the task you are trying to complete.
Richard C Bishop 13-Feb-14 13:42pm View
You "solution" has nothing to do with what the OP asked.
Richard C Bishop 13-Feb-14 13:42pm View
What you have asked makes no sense. Can you elaborate on what you are trying to accomplish so that we may help you out?
Richard C Bishop 13-Feb-14 12:23pm View
You need to check the documentation of the scanner to learn that. No one here manufactured that device, how would we know?
Richard C Bishop 13-Feb-14 12:22pm View
Help you with what? You have not done anything for us to help you with or provided any information that is remotely relevant at all.
Richard C Bishop 13-Feb-14 12:20pm View
That is not how it works here. This is a site for programmers to get help, not a request forum to get work done for free. If you want to be a software developer, you need to learn how.
Richard C Bishop 12-Feb-14 17:58pm View
Thank you, that is my favorite one.
Richard C Bishop 12-Feb-14 17:58pm View
You are welcome.
Richard C Bishop 12-Feb-14 17:47pm View
LOL, that reminds me of "Confucious" sayings:

Confucious say, "Man who stand on toilet, is high on pot".
Richard C Bishop 12-Feb-14 17:43pm View
Odd, I am out of ideas. Hopefully someone will come along to help that has a better understanding.
Richard C Bishop 12-Feb-14 17:38pm View
Not exactly. Start the "task manager" and look at the SERVICE and/or PROCESSES there. I had this same issue happen to me last week and it was because my process was stopped. It will say something with "SQL" in it, of course. I cannot think of the exact verbiage.
Richard C Bishop 12-Feb-14 17:30pm View
That hurts my brain.