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Comments by shilpa sonawane (Top 12 by date)

shilpa sonawane 19-Jun-12 2:10am View    
I want it for desktop application(c#2008 and sql server 2005).i want to update multiple tables

shilpa sonawane 16-Jun-12 2:10am View    
Thanks alot..
shilpa sonawane 7-Mar-12 6:42am View    
Thanks a lot Sir..Problem is solved. Thanks again
shilpa sonawane 7-Mar-12 5:42am View    
Thanks for your reply.But Sir,actually I want the output should be like for eg 642.12 should be displayed as six hundred forty Two Rupees and twelve paise .second thing 100000 should be 1lakh and all .do you have solution over this
shilpa sonawane 1-Feb-12 5:02am View    
I have build a desktop application and I need to deploy it.I have Created the set up file properly and installed it .But the problem comes when i run the application(.exe )file after installation.
I have created setup and installed it but after installation when I run the application(.exe) It gives error "Unhandled exception has occurred in your application .If you click continue,the application will ignore this error & attempt to continue.If you click Quit,the application will close immediately.An attempt to attach an auto named database file "C:\User\Desktop\CarRent.mdf" failed.A database with same name exists or specified file cannot be opened,or it is located On UNC Share".Help me to solve this problem .Looking for favorable soon.Thank You.