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Comments by Jefferson Daniel (Top 5 by date)

Jefferson Daniel 16-Oct-12 16:04pm View    
Hey Thx :) I was getting Workbook and Worksheet mixed up in my Trial and error.
Jefferson Daniel 20-Aug-12 21:43pm View    
Well the tools were using requires the Maricopa assessor, and I certainly don't get paid enough to develop my own assessor app lol Is there any record of excel automating silver-light apps that I could at-least try?
Jefferson Daniel 18-May-12 20:48pm View    
Iv tried ShellExecute, Shell, and #include <shellapi.h> and the minute I add the #include <shellapi.h> my errors jumps to like 230. the whole program goes nuts. I'm using Vb 2010 and coding C++. if i dont add any #include i get shellexcute is not a identifier.
Jefferson Daniel 5-May-12 21:38pm View    
Could you keep helping me Sakryukov? I still need help.
Jefferson Daniel 3-May-12 1:21am View    
I guess I did a bad job explaining what I was doing. Because you sort of pointed out the obvious to me. I appreciated you helping, but msg(ImagePath), yes is doing what I want already getting the file path, and I already had that part working. But

msg(ImagePath) would give me:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\test.exe -y -u

which is sort of what I want, but without the -y -u. Which is why I'm trying to fine a way to pass it through a few more code stuff so that it will cut off all text after ".exe" and that way the new modified

msg(ImagePath) would give me:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\test.exe

I want to be able to use the the modified ImagePath, for other features in my project. But I cant do it, if the file path has "-y -u " ... etc in it. Using the "SlashPosition" allowed me to delete code in the left direction of the text, but I want to delete anything on the right side of ".exe"