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saeedbahal 9-Feb-15 6:07am View    
ok , this error is one of the errors that occur in compile:
[Linker error] undefined reference to `CryptoPP::CipherModeFinalTemplate_ExternalCipher<cryptopp::cbc_encryption>::CipherModeFinalTemplate_ExternalCipher(CryptoPP::BlockCipher&, unsigned char const*, int)'

other error similar this error
saeedbahal 5-Feb-15 3:33am View    
ok , thanks for your attention
saeedbahal 4-Feb-15 7:59am View    
oh very good
What program do you use for write your code ? what compiler do you use?
saeedbahal 4-Feb-15 6:01am View    
saeedbahal 4-Feb-15 6:00am View    
my question not clear?!!