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Comments by Jiří Miklík (Top 4 by date)

Jiří Miklík 27-May-13 10:43am View
strcmp() compares two zero-terminated strings. Your DataEncryption::buffer looks like a common piece of memory limited by length. Propably there are no terminating zero bytes.

I assume that the second command will fail.
Then you have to terminate the buffer like:

pDecryptedData[decryptedLength] = 0;
Jiří Miklík 27-May-13 6:18am View
What is weird on pDecryptedData ?
Did you write both strings ?
Are same by content and also by lenght ?
Is pDecryptedData zero-terminated ?
Jiří Miklík 23-May-13 9:08am View
It seems you have no rights to write in inner folder on mapped disk T:
Jiří Miklík 7-Feb-13 8:32am View
You are right. In that simply case you can't worry about memory.
But there are projects (or apps, if you want), where memory management is the most important thing.
And anorher point of view......
Meanwhile your greedy aplication is running, weak PC (with small amount of RAM) can have a problem.