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Comments by Bohdan Stupak (Top 35 by date)

Bohdan Stupak 18-Apr-22 9:57am View    
there's MVVM in question and no MVVM in answer
Bohdan Stupak 14-Apr-20 6:00am View    
how would you expect your fileName to be not null if you never set it in your code
Bohdan Stupak 22-Feb-19 8:26am View    
But backend returns items correctly, right? It is client who mishandles them?
Bohdan Stupak 19-Feb-19 8:18am View    
I wonder how it compiles because you're missing a closing quote here "&from=en&to=hi";
But I after I copy paste your code, close the quote and execute it, I get 200 instead of 404
Bohdan Stupak 13-Feb-19 4:45am View    
there's not task either in my comment. btw, I didn't pay attention before: why do you use ConfigureAwait(true)?