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agent_kruger 28-Jan-16 2:10am View    
i have used SQL Server for 3 years now but i have heard that where the SQL performance ends there Oracle performance starts. Is this real?
agent_kruger 3-Jan-16 23:36pm View    
how can i mark the path because if i run this statement on another PC the path must be changed.
agent_kruger 2-Jan-16 1:29am View    
sorry mr., that post is not relevant to this one as i have no sub reports. I have a blank report with some textobjects in it and i am just trying to connect it with my ACCESS database and after connecting when i build the solution it gives the above error. (My database also has password in it and i tried removing it and it did not help at all)
agent_kruger 2-Jul-15 5:52am View    
and same problem with your other links "Configure Aliases Programmatically Using WMI". i cannot understand the paramters.

And your last method tells a way to connect without changing settings but in my case it is not possible as it needs every configuration enabled.
agent_kruger 2-Jul-15 5:49am View    
sir, i have already gone through that but when i looked up in the registry i cannt find "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10_50.MSSQLSERVER" this last node i mentioned.