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Comments by johnyroyan (Top 16 by date)

johnyroyan 20-Jan-15 9:29am View
Could you please post this as solution? It will help a lot of people
johnyroyan 20-Jan-15 9:11am View
Thank you. It is really a great idea
johnyroyan 20-Jan-15 4:37am View
johnyroyan 24-Oct-14 10:32am View
Thank you very much for this solution. And I thank you once again for giving information about using CLR function in sql server
johnyroyan 24-Oct-14 10:00am View
I need to confirm this with DBA. Taking that CLR is enabled in my server, how to go about this using DateTime.DaysInMonth?
johnyroyan 24-Oct-14 9:53am View
No.I need to calculate this in stored procedure itself, as this logic is a part of a fairly large stored procedure
johnyroyan 24-Oct-14 9:46am View
I am using sql server 2008
johnyroyan 24-Oct-14 9:25am View
Thank you for this logic. I still need to find out the logic for last Sunday
johnyroyan 24-Oct-14 9:07am View
No. It simply gives:
Last Day of Previous Month
First Day of Current Month
Last Day of Current Month
First Day of Next Month

What i need is that if today is Friday, then whether it is first, second, third,fourth
or last Friday.
johnyroyan 4-Oct-14 10:12am View
thank you very much. i understood
johnyroyan 4-Oct-14 9:55am View
but > must be evaluated before != ,no?
johnyroyan 22-Sep-12 2:42am View
I tried this too. It doesn't support tamil language. Question marks appear in the editor once control leaves the editor.
johnyroyan 23-Nov-11 6:48am View
please see task manager's applications tab. i need to do this for a remote machine with the icons. i don't need the processes of remote machine.
johnyroyan 15-Nov-11 9:13am View
true. but in task manager in applications tab, only currently opened windows are listed, not all the processes. i am trying to get all the windows opened in a remote machine.
johnyroyan 15-Nov-11 8:17am View
your solution helps to get processes of remote machine, not currently running applications of remote machine. i have admin rights. i am still trying to fix my problem.
johnyroyan 15-Nov-11 5:36am View
great. i could login the remote machine and get the processes of remote machine. my exact need is to get the currently running applications(as seen in task manager's application tab) on remote machine.