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Raj tilak Bose 24-Jul-17 10:45am View
Ok thanks
Raj tilak Bose 24-Jul-17 10:31am View
I want Code , if you have any reference please guide me
Raj tilak Bose 23-Jul-17 4:59am View
Raj tilak Bose 21-Jul-17 12:48pm View
Raj tilak Bose 21-Jul-17 12:23pm View
@david can you please guide me on this please ?
Raj tilak Bose 21-Jul-17 12:17pm View
Plz guide me plz
or if u have any link please provide me
Raj tilak Bose 21-Jul-17 12:16pm View
or if u have any link please provide me
Raj tilak Bose 21-Jul-17 12:16pm View
Plz guide me plz
Raj tilak Bose 4-Jul-16 11:34am View
Raj tilak Bose 4-Jul-16 11:21am View
Means i want to unlock the row after a time so other user can update .
Raj tilak Bose 4-Jul-16 11:20am View
Means do i need to write a schedular ?
Raj tilak Bose 29-Jun-16 8:39am View
Test is my 1 class and other is TestChild
Raj tilak Bose 29-Jun-16 8:04am View
its not working
Raj tilak Bose 7-Jun-16 4:56am View
Thanks Sir
Raj tilak Bose 7-Jun-16 4:55am View
Raj tilak Bose 7-Jun-16 4:55am View
Thanks its helprd me :)
Raj tilak Bose 7-Jun-16 4:35am View
can you please share me a sample example?
Raj tilak Bose 7-Jun-16 2:14am View
ok thanks
Raj tilak Bose 3-Jun-16 8:24am View
Raj tilak Bose 23-May-16 7:56am View
Thanks Its working now with "traditional: true," :)
Raj tilak Bose 23-May-16 7:31am View
in jquery abc in am getting the value
Raj tilak Bose 14-Jan-15 3:46am View
when click button2 Button2_Click evetn is not firing ..
Raj tilak Bose 14-Jan-15 0:28am View
POpulation Datalist image button is inside this datalist only

protected void RadioButton3_CheckedChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)

maincategory.Visible = true;
maincategory2.Visible = false;

printersearch.Visible = true;
manufacturersearch.Visible = false;

string s = "select * from tblManufaturerCategory where manufaturers_category_id=1";
ds = gs.getdata(s);
if (ds.Tables[0].Rows.Count > 0)
DataList2.DataSource = ds;

string s1 = "select * from tblManufaturerCategory where manufaturers_category_id=2";
ds = gs.getdata(s1);
if (ds.Tables[0].Rows.Count > 0)
DataList10.DataSource = ds;

string s2 = "select * from tblManufaturerCategory where manufaturers_category_id=3";
ds = gs.getdata(s2);
if (ds.Tables[0].Rows.Count > 0)
DataList3.DataSource = ds;

string s3 = "select * from tblManufaturerCategory where manufaturers_category_id=5";
ds = gs.getdata(s3);
if (ds.Tables[0].Rows.Count > 0)
DataList4.DataSource = ds;

Raj tilak Bose 14-Jan-15 0:26am View
this button is inside datalist

protected void fn_Click(object sender, ImageClickEventArgs e)

foreach (DataListItem item in DataList2.Items) //PRINTER Categories
Label lbl = (Label)item.FindControl("Label1");
string id = lbl.Text;

string sss = "select * from tblManufacturerSubCategory where manufaturers_category_id='" + id + "' ";
ds = gs.getdata(sss);
if (ds.Tables[0].Rows.Count > 0)

DataList5.DataSource = ds;

top1.Visible = true;
upper1.Visible = false;

Raj tilak Bose 21-Nov-14 7:25am View
var attributes = new Dictionary<string, object="">();
attributes.Add("data-ajax", false);
attributes.Add("target", "_self");


@Html.ActionLink("your logo here", "Index", "Home",null,attributes)
Raj tilak Bose 13-Feb-14 9:14am View
Any solution for that plz
Raj tilak Bose 13-Feb-14 9:08am View
I want data in order like (1,3,14,15,16)
Raj tilak Bose 13-Nov-13 9:20am View
No for Week 1 :- display will a
No for Week 2 :- display will d
Raj tilak Bose 22-Oct-13 9:40am View
Raj tilak Bose 21-Oct-13 9:00am View
Raj tilak Bose 12-Feb-13 5:28am View
select empDesc from emp
when i fetch with above query below data comes
<html>i am % a good #@ boy.
I want my query should return only
i am a good boy

All above <html> % # @ should replace with space. How can i achieve it with a single query

Raj tilak Bose 10-Jan-13 10:14am View
Raj tilak Bose 9-Jan-13 8:18am View
Raj tilak Bose 9-Jan-13 8:18am View
Raj tilak Bose 9-Jan-13 8:18am View
Raj tilak Bose 30-Jan-12 16:40pm View
Getting DataClass error when try to Publish
Raj tilak Bose 8-Nov-11 5:47am View
Raj tilak Bose 28-Sep-11 23:41pm View
I am getting some compilation error , please explain how can i call this webservice from my web page.

Thanks in advance
Raj tilak Bose 28-Sep-11 23:35pm View
Cannot get the code from this link