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Comments by daddy356 (Top 5 by date)

daddy356 21-Dec-20 19:11pm View    
I looked at QuickWaveBank: But the wave banks it creates are completely different.
My project works with .bank extension and has an XML file that corresponds with it.
daddy356 26-Jan-15 16:19pm View    
I feel like an idiot, A hint on where it goes
daddy356 25-Jan-15 1:59am View    
Thanks anyway
daddy356 25-Jan-15 0:04am View    
I don't see the pictureBox1 anywhere or where it's stored to the node
or the listView1.

I'm new at programming so I really don't know how to use your code with mine
need your help
daddy356 24-Oct-12 19:30pm View    

I need help with my code. I have some files to send to whoever
wants to help me with my Decompiler Project.

I will include the following:

The console program
Some .dsf files
Some .xml files
and some .bat files that are linked to the console program
that will compile the .dsf to .dxe and the .xml to .xmb
but I don't know how to get the source from the console program.

the console program won't decompile them back to .dsf and .xml
so I'm trying to make one.