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Comments by taha bahraminezhad Jooneghani (Top 80 by date)

VICK you have to give the children of the DIVs different opacity , you can't apply something on the root or parents and expect it's not going to affect the children!
Reason for my vote of 5 \n i'm a phony but you are a hacker , i love hackers! hacking code is a hard job in your way! 5 for your hacking :)
All 405 errors can be traced to configuration of the Web server and security governing access to the content of the Web site.
check if you have the permission to access that root on your server!
rptbio is a repeater how can I get access?
can you give me a code that i cand use each both and don't mess up mith each other?
i want to read and i want to bind, how can i do this?
I love you man!:)
I change the databind place and its work thanks!
what is your suggestion?
yes but I am sure this is not the first step, every one who integrate their project with dotnetOpenAuth add openID to it!
I just put the first datapager in the header template!
and it solved!
thank you very much but it still doesn't work!
very good!
Reason for my vote of 5
Very good, Have look to my article and a tip about custom validation, My Vote is 5!
no it doesn't work too!
no , I remove it and I get an error!
in another project it works good but here when I set a break point it doesn't work!
I post my article this morning I you will understand why I need that,
for now I just delete grouping.
thanks for paying attention to my problem.
share this as a question again!
maybe now more people can help you!
I just 21 years old with a good mind not a good expert!
is there any solution for my problem?
as you know this is my Idea so there is no reference and I never have this situation before this so i don't have an axample code.
maybe you can find a good model for your database here:
but sorry is this my answer?
I miss you man!:)
good answer!
already answered!:)
oh man I got it!
this reference is for another project and I just build it on that!
thank you very much!:)
very good and complete!
very good!5!
change button to submit!
did you upload it to your wwwroot?
I think correct is this:
document.getElementsByName('txtID').style.width = 200;
try both of them!
try this:
document.getElementsByName('txtID').width = "100px";
if correct accept my solution!
very nice!
just set the ID of your text box to the line 1!
and my first link is very complete and have a good step by step!
you type as you see!:)
all of you are kind of super solver!:)
I know this and agree with you, but I just answer to the question man!:)
but I find this out from you: you talk less than other but you are so experts and this is really my pleasure that you give me advice and tank you so much for that!
for which Scenario?
make it as a question, here is not a good place for explain dude!
5 for your attention!:)
thank you very much!
we are not so reach as you are my friend:)
in C# we just use replace mehtod, but I'm not sure in javascript:
var n=str.replace(" ' "," ‘ ");
if its work, mark my solution!:)
the msdn web site have a good documentation about config files!
what is dt and dap?
this is the code in vb:
Dim Value5 = String.Format("{0:MMM d, yyyy HH:mm:ss}", time)
only a Dim!:)
you are so kind but this section is for questions!:)
nice answer 5!
thank you a lot!
could you explain a little more?
when i press the add solution button there isn't a solution only 6min:)
god damn google+ because distracts me!:)
could you explain a little more?
absolutely right!:)
paste your config here!
i'm really confuse, because I don't set any thing and it works just fine!
when you can solve the problem in 2line code?
he ask for regex probably he don't know that there is a easy way with out regex!
if he just want regex your solution is pretty good!
did you use a table with primary key for store procedure?
this is much better than my solution, very good!
could you explain a little more?
thanks you a lot!
your welcome!
some times happens, one day I get an error on commentet code!
we say for joking"get off and get on again!
close vs, restar pc, shut down pc, this work for me several times!
and he said He has this column in database!
this is the reason of his confusion!
and were is your question?
5 for your last link!
for which browser?
go to my profile, there is a homepage link, go to my website, from contact , get my mail, and mail it to me!
in sql manager right click in your database, script as , create to, sql file and mail it to me!
your selecton mode is single or multiple?
when I paste the code, Was broken!:(
when I paste the code, not in a corect form,
DataContext.Context.ExecuteStoreQuery<ilist<roles>>("seleci id from...");
and you don't say,is your problem solved?
and if solved whay not a 5?:)
and you don't say,is your problem solved?
and if solved whay not a 5?:)
yes this is absolutely ok , I use this, but remember that encryption of viewstate isn't secure at all , you shouldn't put valuable thing in view state and read this tip for more security with page submition:
give me your database create script, and i will help to find out were is the problem!
and put the machine key under system.web section!
viewstate use machine key to encrypt , because u don't set it it use the host machine key and this problem happen!
if u set it in your config file problem will solved! it happens to me too!
Reason for my vote of 5
very good!
check my custom validation control tip!
if its null , .ToString() throw "not instance of an object" error, not "Input string was not in a correct format".
use .FirstOrDefault() instead of .First() because if the query is null it returns an empty value not null.
I got your problem but if for each document there is multiple value, how you can decide which document goes to which group?
thank for your vote!
thank you!:)
you can use this either to get image from your video!
I checked it, it works!
you have my word!:)
this example is so useful for me!
vote = 5 star!