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theanil 4-Jul-13 2:27am View
theanil 4-Jul-13 2:27am View
theanil 26-Mar-12 14:06pm View
Hey its not my homework
theanil 6-Feb-12 12:30pm View
don't write urgent word in question
theanil 3-Feb-12 12:56pm View
not clear, explain clearly what you want?
theanil 30-Jan-12 18:13pm View
default is textBox2
theanil 30-Jan-12 17:39pm View
check your textbox spelling textBox2 or TextBox2
theanil 30-Jan-12 17:11pm View
try making another SqlConnection Con1 with same connection string
and replace the con with con1.
theanil 30-Jan-12 17:05pm View
you were trying to help then why are you worrying about down vote
theanil 30-Jan-12 17:03pm View
the value is not getting inserted by both the methods?
theanil 30-Jan-12 16:48pm View
i have updated the answer just try that string if it works tell me.
theanil 30-Jan-12 16:43pm View
string qry2 = "Update MyProfile Set Email="+TextBox2.Text+",FullName="+TextBox3.Text+",PostalAddress="+TextBox4.Text+",City="+TextBox5.Text+",State="+TextBox6.Text+",Country="+TextBox7.Text+",Pin="+TextBox8.Text+" Where UserName=Amit";
try this string
theanil 30-Jan-12 16:37pm View
is it an error publishing or an error once published?
theanil 30-Jan-12 16:34pm View
My 1
this is not a solution...
just post the comment for this kind of things.
theanil 30-Jan-12 15:31pm View
link in what sense?
theanil 30-Jan-12 14:56pm View
what is the error generated ?
theanil 30-Jan-12 14:26pm View
i have updated my answer check it.
theanil 28-Jan-12 16:50pm View
theanil 28-Jan-12 15:45pm View
lots of patience you have
theanil 28-Jan-12 14:17pm View
what help you want? be specific and don't just dump the code here...
theanil 28-Jan-12 13:48pm View
theanil 28-Jan-12 13:33pm View
desktop background or forms?
theanil 25-Jan-12 15:17pm View
Added tags.
theanil 7-Jan-12 14:21pm View
Removed the word urgent
it might be urgent for you not for us
theanil 3-Jan-12 14:07pm View
theanil 3-Jan-12 12:57pm View
theanil 29-Dec-11 6:46am View
updated the solution
check it.
theanil 28-Dec-11 17:18pm View
theanil 28-Dec-11 17:08pm View
you mean that you didn't understood my solution?
theanil 28-Dec-11 17:05pm View
what you haven't got?
theanil 28-Dec-11 17:04pm View
what you haven't got?
theanil 28-Dec-11 15:01pm View
Don't give your contact info.
theanil 28-Dec-11 15:01pm View
Don't put your contact information unless you want spams..
theanil 28-Dec-11 12:55pm View
Good observation SA, about array notification.
my 5 for your observation
theanil 27-Dec-11 12:59pm View
i got a cp article which is working properly on my system..
i have updated my answer.
theanil 27-Dec-11 12:50pm View
theanil 26-Dec-11 14:23pm View
theanil 26-Dec-11 14:14pm View
my 5+
exactly Dave
theanil 26-Dec-11 14:05pm View
So what exactly you want?
theanil 26-Dec-11 13:56pm View
I felt your question is not clear But still check my answer
theanil 25-Dec-11 15:33pm View
thank you Dalek Dave
theanil 25-Dec-11 15:12pm View
theanil 25-Dec-11 15:01pm View
place some sample code to check what the problem is
theanil 25-Dec-11 14:52pm View
simple just use using library name and you can use all the functions of that library
theanil 25-Dec-11 13:14pm View
My 5+
theanil 25-Dec-11 11:31am View
Thank you Monjurul
theanil 25-Dec-11 11:24am View
Nice Answer -SA
theanil 25-Dec-11 11:22am View
theanil 25-Dec-11 11:22am View
Thanks -SA
theanil 10-Nov-11 11:38am View
What error??
theanil 6-Nov-11 16:01pm View
i have updated the solution check it.
theanil 3-Nov-11 1:11am View
Be Clear wat do you want to draw
theanil 28-Oct-11 14:05pm View
My 5
theanil 22-Oct-11 16:31pm View
Repeated same question twice.
theanil 22-Oct-11 16:30pm View
delete any one of the post.
theanil 22-Oct-11 16:11pm View
I have changed the link have a look.
theanil 22-Oct-11 13:23pm View
Place your question properly.
theanil 22-Oct-11 10:59am View
What kind of robot you are trying to design?
theanil 21-Oct-11 11:31am View
try running exact querry, i tried it is working
theanil 19-Oct-11 10:46am View
Its getting on my side.
theanil 19-Oct-11 9:57am View
What kind of project you need?
theanil 18-Oct-11 13:17pm View
theanil 17-Oct-11 17:09pm View
which modem you are using
theanil 17-Oct-11 1:21am View
or else post that 4 lines code.
theanil 17-Oct-11 1:08am View
have you placed that library file in resources?
And also check your way2sms id and password.
theanil 17-Oct-11 1:05am View
Thank you :-)
theanil 16-Oct-11 2:27am View
What is the error you are getting?
theanil 16-Oct-11 1:53am View
i have not seen tah when i posted the answer :-)
theanil 15-Oct-11 16:21pm View
yes andre is correct from next time for this kind of things have a comment.
theanil 15-Oct-11 15:05pm View
thanks Ravi
theanil 15-Oct-11 14:13pm View
elobrate your question.
theanil 15-Oct-11 13:03pm View
have you checked it clearly. i have checked its working on my machine.
theanil 15-Oct-11 9:14am View
check your server settings.
theanil 13-Oct-11 12:37pm View
hello RaviRanjankr
i want to ask one question
can we place some message in quick answer?
theanil 12-Oct-11 17:53pm View
My 5+
theanil 12-Oct-11 3:26am View
no your 'c' in class and 's' in struct should be in lower case.
theanil 12-Oct-11 2:58am View
please elobrate the question.
theanil 10-Oct-11 14:25pm View
I tried it but its not working.
theanil 10-Oct-11 14:16pm View
In my project i have an background image..
what shall i do for that..
theanil 9-Oct-11 14:54pm View
I have already tried it its not working.
theanil 9-Oct-11 13:27pm View
theanil 8-Oct-11 15:47pm View
Make clear which language you want to use in VS2008
theanil 8-Oct-11 15:03pm View
Provide stored procedure.
theanil 14-Sep-11 3:57am View
What exactly you want?
frame the question clearly.
theanil 19-Jul-11 12:37pm View
i have changed my question...
theanil 4-Jul-11 14:30pm View
better way is to write the particular code in a private method and call the method as your search button is clicked
theanil 4-Jul-11 14:28pm View
it might not work, the reason is as you select date from picker11 the method is called and the picker2 value will be default date...
theanil 4-Jul-11 14:05pm View
i have helped you by giving idea but its your job to code it. i dont have ready code...
theanil 30-Jun-11 18:49pm View
Parse (capital p)
theanil 30-Jun-11 17:47pm View
i have edited
theanil 30-Jun-11 17:45pm View
ugid=" + x
nick=" + strID1
ip=" + strID2
LoggedTime=" + strID3
theanil 30-Jun-11 16:59pm View
You can save it in a text file...
theanil 30-Jun-11 16:51pm View
int x = new int();
theanil 30-Jun-11 16:50pm View
Man you said me you want to pass nick but your code shows ugid
theanil 30-Jun-11 16:47pm View
and if it also dosen't work then try this
theanil 30-Jun-11 16:43pm View
it is working at my side.. i am updating it just check
theanil 30-Jun-11 16:39pm View
And for knowing the lang we can just check how the packages are added in prog
theanil 30-Jun-11 16:37pm View
But i got the complete code i have tried several times it shows the exact code.
theanil 30-Jun-11 16:33pm View
int x = int.parse(strID1);

theanil 30-Jun-11 16:27pm View
please let me know which column value you want to convert it to int
theanil 30-Jun-11 16:26pm View
just a min...
theanil 30-Jun-11 15:57pm View
Yes it will show the detail of a code..
theanil 30-Jun-11 14:56pm View
one advice, use lable insted of text box with nice font it will give good look to your application.
theanil 30-Jun-11 14:54pm View
txtBox1.Text ="your data" + txtBox2.SelectedText;
yes it will, but once your work is done you can use clear.
theanil 30-Jun-11 14:06pm View
datassets and datagridveiw are data controls they will not be shown in form comtrol
theanil 30-Jun-11 14:01pm View
(A OR B)-(A AND B)
theanil 28-Jun-11 2:43am View
i have sent a link let me know if it works
theanil 28-Jun-11 2:39am View
i willsearch if i found i will give it to you
theanil 20-Jun-11 13:48pm View
let me know if it is working...
theanil 19-Jun-11 13:48pm View
Let me know if is it working...
theanil 18-Jun-11 3:08am View
please make the question clear,
i mean that the voting will be done on single pc or over a network
theanil 17-Jun-11 18:57pm View
theanil 17-Jun-11 15:25pm View
thank you very much....
theanil 17-Jun-11 14:48pm View
its not working, but thanks.