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Comments by kami124 (Top 200 by date)

kami124 12-Jun-14 2:21am View    
this is my function to send code to another frame text area but only once i can send not continuosly

public void recmsg()
String msg = dis.readUTF();
String oldText = txt_recMsgClient.getText();
StringBuilder yourStringBuilder = new StringBuilder();
catch (IOException ex)
Logger.getLogger(ClientForm.class.getName()).log(Level.SEVERE, null, ex);
kami124 11-Jun-14 7:15am View    
Perfect its working
kami124 11-Jun-14 6:36am View    
its declared its textfield
kami124 11-Jun-14 6:34am View    
its textfield. first i create txt_recMsg and then invoke append method
kami124 11-Jun-14 6:25am View    
Still same problem, problem some where in txt_recMsg