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Firo Atrum Ventus 29-Oct-14 18:25pm View
Turns out I just need to reply with 'Cache-Control: no-cache' on response header to prevent FF from doing its shenanigans. So I guess this is answered.
Firo Atrum Ventus 20-Nov-11 20:18pm View
So that means it loads this file as virtual folder when the user "unlocks" it, right?
Firo Atrum Ventus 18-Nov-11 4:04am View
Open for admin is its fatal flaw. I'm searching for a way to protect a folder from everyone but it's creator.
Firo Atrum Ventus 18-Nov-11 3:31am View
Well, since there're applications such as folder lock I thought that it's okay to add a similar feature to my application (it's an image management app).
Firo Atrum Ventus 18-Oct-11 2:08am View
+5 For the explanation and example.
Firo Atrum Ventus 18-Oct-11 1:54am View
After thinking about this for a bit more time, I finally realized what you meant. This code is indeed not an example for the boxing but I think this code should give general idea (I'm not good at explaining things by the book).
And may I ask one thing? why is this code won't compile?
Firo Atrum Ventus 18-Oct-11 1:22am View
Yes, I'm serious. Most people that asked me this question have a better understanding of boxing/unboxing if they don't see the code (most, not all).
And he's asking about the use of boxing/unboxing, therefore the code in that page is completely useless
Firo Atrum Ventus 18-Oct-11 1:10am View
I understand that the first and second "advices" are extremely bad practices that should never be done. However I have my own reasons for posting this :
1. "forgot to write try catch block" = Ultra bad premonition.
2. "1000 pages" can mean two things a Web or 1000 class.
3. The fact that he choose to ask here, instead of start working on it. It means, he want a shortcut for his problem.

Therefore, my third "advice" is my way of saying "No, there is no shortcut, get back on your code and fix it, step by step."

After looking at my reply, my first thought is, "I'm a jerk" (which is not my intention). So please don't misunderstand me, I completely agree with you about this matter, it's just that I met these kind of programmer all the time and the best method to lead them to the correct path is the *hard* way.
Firo Atrum Ventus 17-Oct-11 23:38pm View
TinyMCE is basically just a customized textbox. Therefore what he's really asking is how to save/read file in ASP.Net
Firo Atrum Ventus 13-Oct-11 1:32am View
What about asking the person who wrote it?
Firo Atrum Ventus 13-Oct-11 1:06am View
1. Typo in new printcon()
2. There's no need to declare local variable private (no one can read them anyway)
3. Can you please show the code in printcon class?
Firo Atrum Ventus 11-Oct-11 22:52pm View
Please post the actual code and the line which the error occurred.
Firo Atrum Ventus 11-Oct-11 1:11am View
What have you tried?
Firo Atrum Ventus 10-Oct-11 4:55am View
Well, AFAIK if you got "imap_list failed:" without any additional detail about the error that means there's no mailboxes.
Firo Atrum Ventus 10-Oct-11 4:22am View
My bad, it's $mailboxes
Firo Atrum Ventus 10-Oct-11 3:35am View
It's in php, php DO have a foreach
Firo Atrum Ventus 6-Oct-11 20:56pm View
See my updated answer, if you have any question please use comment (see André's comment)
Firo Atrum Ventus 5-Oct-11 23:45pm View
Show us the code where you assign the value of learnerIDS and learnerIDgo
Firo Atrum Ventus 4-Oct-11 2:54am View
The code that you posted is too few. Please post the whole code that are meant to show the progress bar.
Firo Atrum Ventus 3-Oct-11 2:29am View
This code does the update:
conAdapter.Update(ds, "tbItemList")
Firo Atrum Ventus 3-Oct-11 2:27am View
Can you please post the exact error message?
And also the table structure, please.
Firo Atrum Ventus 27-Sep-11 3:07am View
Thanks, it worked like a charm.
Firo Atrum Ventus 26-Sep-11 23:54pm View
Would you mind telling me what is this project that would take more than 1 year to finish?
Firo Atrum Ventus 25-Sep-11 22:04pm View
ORA-00904: "L"."ID_JALURPOHON": invalid identifier
Firo Atrum Ventus 9-Sep-11 1:39am View
That's a good link you got there.
Firo Atrum Ventus 9-Sep-11 1:37am View
Firo Atrum Ventus 7-Sep-11 22:05pm View
I'm sorry if this is a silly question, but are you sure that SacVariable.isValid returns boolean?
Firo Atrum Ventus 5-Sep-11 21:19pm View
Interesting, is that method placed inside SacVariable class?
Firo Atrum Ventus 26-Aug-11 2:18am View
Watch out for the pink beret! XD
Firo Atrum Ventus 25-Aug-11 2:38am View
Post some code here, maybe we'll be able to help
Firo Atrum Ventus 25-Aug-11 2:08am View
And why do you want that portion to be isolated from your application?
Firo Atrum Ventus 25-Aug-11 1:58am View
Why do you need separate process?
Firo Atrum Ventus 25-Aug-11 1:14am View
Just to be clear, are you revering to
Firo Atrum Ventus 23-Aug-11 22:30pm View
Sorry but, can you please explain more about what you are trying to achieve?
Let's say I give these values (4,2) (6,6) and (3,1), what are the expected results?
Firo Atrum Ventus 19-Aug-11 5:49am View
Please don't assume everyone's after points. If he really is after points, he would have posted it as an answer.
Firo Atrum Ventus 17-Aug-11 23:50pm View
Please don't post this as answer, use 'Improve Question' instead.
Firo Atrum Ventus 16-Aug-11 2:13am View
Sorry for my late response, can't check email at work.
When your answer is down-voted, the best thing you could do is asking for clarification about why they down-vote you. If it turn out that you're missing a reference or something like that, Edit your answer, some people may change their vote. But if it turns out that your answer is out of topic or plainly wrong, just click delete button right beside bookmark button. Just make sure you don't delete a useful post. A useful post is always useful, even if it is down-voted. And some people may up-vote you of course.
Firo Atrum Ventus 4-Aug-11 22:18pm View
What's wrong?
your code should run just fine.
Firo Atrum Ventus 27-Jul-11 1:44am View
And the question is?
Firo Atrum Ventus 25-Jul-11 5:00am View
You still ask this question despite the fact that you already aware of the existence of long data type. Hmm... What's your real question?
Firo Atrum Ventus 21-Jul-11 22:01pm View
Darn dude, first you want to spy on your employee. And now you're spying on your son?
Who's next? Walter Leland Cronkite, Jr.?
Firo Atrum Ventus 21-Jul-11 21:33pm View
The problem is the Receiver works as interface which called by QuickServer. There's so many thread that invoke Receiver so when I notify sender, other Receiver may processing the queue (which already removed by sender)
Firo Atrum Ventus 15-Jul-11 2:37am View
Final year??
What've you been doing up till now???
Firo Atrum Ventus 11-Jul-11 4:01am View
FYI, Most Indonesian won't bother changing anything even if they MUST.
Firo Atrum Ventus 8-Jul-11 0:00am View
Over here, we got a lot of these kind of college student which took programming faculty just because it seems interesting. (Yay, shiny!!)
Firo Atrum Ventus 6-Jul-11 1:18am View
Sorry, looks like you missed the point of the question. He want a portable database, your article is about attaching a database into a sql server (which requires installation)
Firo Atrum Ventus 5-Jul-11 5:32am View
AFAIK its somewhere in project properties.
or you can try edit the manifest file directly from the jar (not recommended)
Firo Atrum Ventus 5-Jul-11 2:06am View
Open your profile page -> reputation tab. There's an announcement regarding the changes.
Firo Atrum Ventus 5-Jul-11 1:23am View
No, you can't. There's no justify. Just Left, Right and Center.
Firo Atrum Ventus 22-Jun-11 21:49pm View
Can you please explain more about your "POT" and "POP"?
Like, The rules in assigning their values?
Firo Atrum Ventus 22-Jun-11 1:42am View
ROFL, I wish I could give you 5 for that comment.
Firo Atrum Ventus 21-Jun-11 21:08pm View
I agree with you. The solution that I proposed actually just a way to check which class included in the solution, not how many forms(You can check which class inherits but it still wouldn't give you a reliable result).
Firo Atrum Ventus 13-Jun-11 22:45pm View
Where is the source code?
Firo Atrum Ventus 13-Jun-11 4:13am View
What the hell are you talking about?
Firo Atrum Ventus 13-Jun-11 3:45am View
Nah, it should've worked fine if you limit set maxlength to 1
Firo Atrum Ventus 10-Jun-11 2:46am View
are you sure your SqlConnection is open?
Firo Atrum Ventus 30-May-11 22:04pm View
Let me tell you what's wrong with your code. You don't even calculate anything, you just validate everything and show the results(since you don't calculate anything, it would be 0). Stop copying from your teacher's note and start experimenting!