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Comments by srikrishnathanthri (Top 8 by date)

srikrishnathanthri 17-Dec-12 0:01am View    
same problem with readUncommitted.
srikrishnathanthri 13-Jun-12 9:56am View    
Changing the values of the offloads mentioned above didn't solve the problem

Is there any link related TCP KeepAlive and the above mentioned error?
We tried changing the Value of "KeepAlive" to 3600000 by adding new DWORD entry for "KeepAlive" in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters" , but still there is transfer of data for every 30 sec(default value)(transfer of data checked using Network monitor)
Also changed the "KeepAlive" value to 360000 in MS SQL configuration manager but no changes in data transfer time
If any problem regaurding TCP Keepalive then how to trace it?
srikrishnathanthri 25-May-12 3:57am View    
How can I know why the Forwarded Records/sec are more? Could I be able to get the tables which leads to more number of forward Records
Is it possible to get Batch Request details and the no. of Forwarded Records for each batch request, and also how can I trace the error if exists?
srikrishnathanthri 23-May-12 0:41am View    
May I know which event log you are relating?
srikrishnathanthri 22-May-12 9:04am View    
In the client machine under Network Configuration Utility => Advanced Tab I have "TCP/IP offloading" options enable for IPv4 Checksum offload,TCP Checksum offload(IPv4), UPD Checksum offload(IPv4)
Whether the connection error is related to this setting?