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Comments by komali Guntur (Top 13 by date)

komali Guntur 16-Sep-11 1:15am View    
Hi Niral Soni

I modified the code as you send but the problem is it is not even calling the javascript function(reset())when i clicked on the reset button.I kept the alert message just for checking whether the function is calling or not it is not displaying the alert message.I understood that it is not calling the javascript function.What might be the problem
komali Guntur 12-Sep-11 7:52am View    
Hi can you tell me hot to use that length[^] in my code i have the code as follows.

var sub_dept_name = document.getElementById('txt_sub_deptname').value;

if(sub_dept_name == '')
alert("please enter sub department name");
return false;

i want the same validation for when i enter the space(continuously) also
komali Guntur 5-Sep-11 20:44pm View    
Except this meta tag any other thing is there like onload or any thing like that.I want to refresh the page once onload not every time.
komali Guntur 5-Sep-11 6:39am View    
int hash=hashcode() and i am sending this generated hash code to the image url
komali Guntur 3-Aug-11 4:33am View    
no sir its not working and i can pass any of the month whatever i want to the stored procedure as a paramater