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Comments by Ehtesam Ahmed (Top 11 by date)

Ehtesam Ahmed 31-Jan-16 6:19am View
My code and app runs fine in windows server but its causing problem in windows 10
Ehtesam Ahmed 24-Dec-12 4:33am View
i found the solution i need to add this UseSubmitBehavior="False" :)
Ehtesam Ahmed 24-Dec-12 4:06am View
Thanx Nick
That solved my problem but now i have another problem that the click event fire twice. Can you please help?
Ehtesam Ahmed 30-Sep-11 7:42am View
i m using dynamic tabpages... so i think i cant use paintevent of tabpage..
Ehtesam Ahmed 29-Sep-11 3:52am View
i am working on windows form application... need an example for dat.. :(
Ehtesam Ahmed 29-Sep-11 3:51am View
i working on windows from application in c#.. how can i use jqplot????
Ehtesam Ahmed 29-Sep-11 3:50am View
i downloaded mschart.exe.. but cant use it.. :(
Ehtesam Ahmed 22-Sep-11 16:37pm View
thanks but how do i add this to my code??
Ehtesam Ahmed 28-Aug-11 6:05am View
Thanks RaisKazi ..... i think i got my answer.
Ehtesam Ahmed 9-Aug-11 7:18am View
suppose a roll number of student. when inserting a student info the user have to give input the roll which is the primary key of the table. Is there any problem with that?????
Ehtesam Ahmed 9-Aug-11 6:57am View
I do this .... but still the previous form runs....