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Gabriel Sas 7-Apr-15 11:34am View
i google a little and found out that when using sendinput i have to deploy the application on x86, by default my visual studio does x64, and this was the solution for them.
I'll check it out when i get home.
Gabriel Sas 7-Apr-15 6:42am View
still not working with SendInput :|
Gabriel Sas 7-Apr-15 5:09am View
i want to automate some clicks that can be done by me for a couple of seconds, clicking objects and moving them.
I also can't use the one on the internet because i want to also do some image processing and based on some values in the image to click some positions or not.

I think its not an abuse to the technology, just doing some stuff others missed out in doing it right.
Gabriel Sas 7-Apr-15 5:08am View
i want to automate some clicks that can be done by me for a couple of seconds, clicking objects and moving them.
I also can't use the one on the internet because i want to also do some image processing and based on some values in the image to click some positions or not.

I think its not an abuse to the technology, just doing some stuff others missed out in doing it right.
Gabriel Sas 30-May-14 10:15am View
what is unclear?
Gabriel Sas 25-Nov-13 12:56pm View
could you give an example on that "calling method by name is bad/silly", i get it in some ways, but i actually don't get what you are really trying to explain.
Gabriel Sas 22-Nov-13 17:34pm View
i have asked this question and added a little code to explain the idea behind.

the question came in when a colleague told me that he is trying to write as little code as possible to do something and i immediately thought about how hard can be to read, maintain and debug such code and also if there would be a performance impact on the application if the code would be easy to read, maintain and debug. he didn't had an answer when i asked him why? and just replied something like "the old guys(over 40 years old) are doing this and i'm learning from them"(this guy is over 30)

anything else needed to be said?
Gabriel Sas 22-Nov-13 14:25pm View
in generally looking on the release version. because i know that in release the compiler does some optimizations, but i don't know exactly how it does it
Gabriel Sas 5-May-13 7:42am View
the images are moving up on mouse over, but they are just half of card, i am searching how to move the cards on window resize.
Gabriel Sas 27-Apr-13 17:14pm View
i can show you via mikogo if you want to take a closer look
Gabriel Sas 27-Apr-13 17:10pm View
it works if Theme.xaml is empty, or simple stuff, the Theme.xaml is from codeplex, i don't know what is in there, and i didn't found something using media.color in my application
Gabriel Sas 27-Apr-13 15:59pm View
this isn't the answer. the error still appears
Gabriel Sas 12-Mar-13 12:24pm View
276 | 277
277 | 278
278 | 279

in this order
Gabriel Sas 7-Feb-13 11:49am View
good, thanks for the info
Gabriel Sas 7-Feb-13 10:59am View
or only very little memory? and all of the data inserted will go into disk space?
Gabriel Sas 7-Feb-13 10:58am View
but doing the Select statement won't use any memory?
Gabriel Sas 2-Jan-13 14:52pm View
what would you choose?
Gabriel Sas 6-Dec-12 10:24am View
i tried it, it's the same error
Gabriel Sas 6-Dec-12 10:20am View
@stmt is a global variable it doesn't need to be declared
Gabriel Sas 6-Dec-12 10:13am View
but what?
Gabriel Sas 12-Nov-12 17:04pm View
also the password wasn't the good one, thanks
Gabriel Sas 12-Oct-12 16:45pm View
i found this but instead of stackpanel i am using a Canvas i'll update the question because it seems i have a bug
Gabriel Sas 22-Jul-12 17:49pm View
but how can i set the user control to be shown in my MainWindow down the listview ?
Gabriel Sas 22-Jul-12 17:48pm View
i don't want all of the controlls to appear, i want only some based on the selected item in listview, but what can i do to not have all of the controls one over another, but to have them in different "file" and only show the controls from one "file" based on the selected item from the listview
Gabriel Sas 15-Jul-12 17:12pm View
i will install it right away, how about MVC 4?
Gabriel Sas 15-Mar-12 17:13pm View
i can use either phonegap or webbrowser control, but in a html page if i click a button i can use a javascript code to execute something, but i cannot use a socket in javascript since javascript only has websockets witch is something different, but i can use sockets in C#, and when i click a button in the web page to be able to use the sockets in C#. hope i made my self clear.
the button is just an example of what the functionality should be, we want some nice design in our application and since my friend knows about html5, javascript,ajax and php and i know about C# servers it would be much easier
Gabriel Sas 26-Feb-12 6:09am View
well, when i press F2(Click=true) it should do: while(true){ if(Click){ double click, w8 five seconds, press the enter key } } and if i press F2 again Click=false, i made this so i can easily join a room on a program named Garena
Gabriel Sas 12-Feb-12 14:14pm View
on server side i did the basic communication, but i'm using different socket, and i have to implement all the communication again, and i searched the google and asked if it is possible to change on the client side, because on the client we are in the faze "before writing code".
Gabriel Sas 1-Feb-12 14:00pm View
there isn't a version number
Gabriel Sas 1-Feb-12 8:42am View
there are 2 versions of program, the .xml should only be open in version 2.0 and not in version 1.2, and also and do not want to change the whole .xml file to only be readable in version 2.0
Gabriel Sas 31-Jan-12 16:20pm View
so the new .xml file to not be able to open it in the old project but only in the new one... and the old .xml file to convert it to the new file
Gabriel Sas 12-Jan-12 11:55am View
it works, Thanks
Gabriel Sas 12-Jan-12 10:32am View
i want that attribute to get it's value from the xml file but when i save the objects to xml i dont want the tag <example> from this object in my .xml file
Gabriel Sas 12-Jan-12 7:41am View
i modified the question
Gabriel Sas 17-Dec-11 12:07pm View
Some part of it, but now i figured it out how to put the question on a different aspect :)
Gabriel Sas 14-Dec-11 15:32pm View
the thread with the tcplistener.acceptclient is very clear to me, but in the other thread how do i receive a message from multiple users? because if i have a BinaryReader read; and i am doing message=read.ReadString(); it blocks and waits until a message is receive, in witch way to implement this?
Gabriel Sas 14-Dec-11 15:32pm View
Nice explanation about how this server should be, now i know in witch direction to go and search about the rest of the information i need. But in this server design i dont understand one thing:
Gabriel Sas 26-Nov-11 13:46pm View
pff i just realize what did not work, the userInput can't be access , and i just need to put a dispatcher on textbox and passwordbox, i thought the problem was calling the method from another thread and i didn't see the problem and didn't catch exactly why are you talking about the textbox :).

Gabriel Sas 26-Nov-11 4:20am View
this i know allready because in my application i am allready calling UI elements from another thread, but now what i want to call from another thread is a method from a class. and i dont know if the dispatcher can call methods, didnt find anything on google
Gabriel Sas 9-Nov-11 10:50am View
i just copy paste an already string from the .resx files, i have string with name "Add", i copy it, and i pasted it in all 3 of my .resx files, and it doesn't work, it added a string with name Add1
Gabriel Sas 9-Nov-11 10:39am View
all the names are String1, the value is not important
Gabriel Sas 9-Nov-11 10:21am View
the .resx files are used for the language, and if i run the project it works fine, the culture of the program is changing how it supposed it should change, but if i add another string to those files the language remains stuck in english, and i do not not why is this happenig, i can acces that string from my program as well

any ideas?
Gabriel Sas 7-Jul-11 19:07pm View
i got the ideea now, to be good in different languages, to be open minded, because some solution are made easily in one language and harder in other ones.
Gabriel Sas 7-Jul-11 18:47pm View
any opinions about python?
Gabriel Sas 7-Jul-11 18:45pm View
i know what you are saying for example first i learned java and when i was curios what is C# about it was very easy to learn,so in your opinion what should i learn next?
Gabriel Sas 16-Jun-11 5:04am View
one of my friends just told me yesterday about .net reflector, i dwld it and it works just fine it's 14 days trial enough for what i want, just the thing i needed. thanks anyway
Gabriel Sas 15-Jun-11 14:08pm View
i knew i could use IDA for the assembly code, but i found out some other programs that can generate the C# code(e.g. DIS#,, but they are all trial. do you know some other decompilers?
Gabriel Sas 15-Jun-11 14:03pm View
i already asked the publisher, and done a lot of google, i found some forums about it, interested in them?