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Comments by Deepthi Aravind (Top 25 by date)

Deepthi Aravind 6-Jul-11 7:33am View
Sorry...pls check the solution now...
Deepthi Aravind 4-Jul-11 4:16am View
my 5...
Deepthi Aravind 7-Jun-11 3:40am View
Please post the error .which occured in this code..
Deepthi Aravind 7-Jun-11 2:46am View
You want t o bind data coming from datatable to grid view???
Deepthi Aravind 6-Jun-11 6:04am View
please clarify your question..
Deepthi Aravind 6-Jun-11 0:50am View
I tried its not wrking..
Deepthi Aravind 3-Jun-11 5:33am View
yes...button2 is the id of button..
Deepthi Aravind 3-Jun-11 3:36am View
Wht's the pbm?
Deepthi Aravind 3-Jun-11 3:20am View
Please read the question..I need to set the textbox properties( required or not and cssclass) based on the selected value of dropdown
Deepthi Aravind 2-Jun-11 8:29am View
I think you dont understand my requirement..
please read the question carefully...
Deepthi Aravind 2-Jun-11 2:11am View
I solved this issue using javascript....
Deepthi Aravind 2-Jun-11 1:41am View
Thanks for your reply..I am using 3.5...
Deepthi Aravind 1-Jun-11 6:07am View
This is my code
Decimal Interest = 0;
EMICalculatorList ECL = new EMICalculatorList();
ProjectXBL.Config.EMICalculator EC;
int month = ddlMonth.SelectedValue.ToNonNullInt32() - 1;
Decimal Intr = 0;
Decimal Mth = txtPrinciple.Text.ToNonNullDecimal() / txtLoanDurationInMonths.Text.ToNonNullDecimal();
Decimal principalAmt = txtPrinciple.Text.ToNonNullDecimal();
Decimal ROI = txtAnnualInterestRate.Text.ToNonNullDecimal();
Decimal months = txtLoanDurationInMonths.Text.ToNonNullDecimal();
Decimal F = 1200;
for (int i = 0; i < txtLoanDurationInMonths.Text.ToNonNullInt32(); i++)
Intr = Intr + ((principalAmt * ROI) / F);
principalAmt = principalAmt - Mth;
Decimal Avg = Intr.ToNonNullDecimal() / txtLoanDurationInMonths.Text.ToNonNullDecimal();
Decimal MonthlyPayment = ((txtPrinciple.Text.ToNonNullDecimal() / txtLoanDurationInMonths.Text.ToNonNullDecimal()) + Avg).ToNonNullDecimal();
lblMonthlypaymentsText.Text = string.Empty;
lblMonthlypaymentsText.Text = Math.Round(MonthlyPayment, 2).ToString();
lblAnnulLoanPaymentsText.Text = string.Empty;
lblAnnulLoanPaymentsText.Text = Math.Round((MonthlyPayment * 12), 2).ToString();
Decimal Ending = 0;
Decimal Ints = 0;
Decimal Prnc = 0;
Decimal CumPrinc = 0;
Decimal CumIntr = 0;
Decimal principal = txtPrinciple.Text.ToNonNullDecimal();
for (int i = 0; i < txtLoanDurationInMonths.Text.ToNonNullInt32(); i++)
EC = new ProjectXBL.Config.EMICalculator();
//No,Month And Year
EC.No = i + 1;
if (month == 0)
EC.Year = txtYear.Text;
if (month == 12)
month = 0;
EC.Year = (txtYear.Text.ToNonNullInt32() + 1).ToString();
EC.Month = ddlMonth.Items[month].Text;
EC.Payment = MonthlyPayment;

Decimal monthly = principal / months;//Monthly payable without interest
EC.Interest = (principal * ROI) / 1200;
Ints = EC.Interest;
principal = principal - monthly;
Interest = Interest + EC.Interest;
EC.Principal = MonthlyPayment - EC.Interest;
Prnc = EC.Principal;
if (i == 0)
EC.BeginningBalance = txtPrinciple.Text.ToNonNullDecimal();
EC.CumulativePrinciple = EC.Principal;
EC.CumulativeInterest = EC.Interest;
EC.BeginningBalance = Ending;
EC.CumulativePrinciple = CumPrinc + Prnc;
EC.CumulativeInterest = CumIntr + Intr;
EC.Ending = EC.BeginningBalance - EC.Principal;
Ending = EC.Ending;
CumPrinc = EC.CumulativePrinciple;
CumIntr = EC.CumulativeInterest;
lstEMI.DataSource = ECL;
Deepthi Aravind 31-May-11 2:40am View
function TextBoxFocus()

please try this script..
Deepthi Aravind 27-May-11 3:51am View
please clarify your question
Deepthi Aravind 26-May-11 7:32am View
My 5...
Good solution...
Deepthi Aravind 26-May-11 4:21am View
please post your source
Deepthi Aravind 25-May-11 7:43am View
pls accept this solution if its works fine...
Deepthi Aravind 23-May-11 7:12am View
sorry..its my mistake..
Deepthi Aravind 23-May-11 7:01am View
pls write this line after binding the drop down list...
Deepthi Aravind 19-May-11 7:39am View
Then Wht abt query string????
Deepthi Aravind 27-Apr-11 7:44am View
Hi Anvas,
Finally i found it. Its wrkng fine..
Thank u very much ...
My 5 for u...
Deepthi Aravind 22-Apr-11 6:26am View
I hv added this line to my buttin click event
string messageFromDatabase = "Are you sure you want to do this?";
StringBuilder javaScript = new StringBuilder();
javaScript.Append("<script type=\"text/javascript\">\n");
javaScript.Append("function doConfirm(){\n");
javaScript.Append("\tif (confirm('");
javaScript.Append("\t\t// code when the user clicks OK\n");
javascript.Append("\t} else {\n");
javaScript.Append("\t\t// code when the user clicks cancel\n");

and added the clientscript also..
Deepthi Aravind 22-Apr-11 5:32am View
in this solution y can i get the result,ie,Ok or cancel
Deepthi Aravind 22-Apr-11 5:30am View
hi Eduard.
I cant get the solution...
My actual requirement is,
In my page, On clicking of search button i need to show this confirmation message.This message is from database.
After that i want to know user clicked is yes or no.
if user clicked yes,i want to retrieve list of items from database