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Sun-Mi Kang 2-Jun-15 4:33am View
Ah.. Thank you give to reply
Sun-Mi Kang 2-Jun-15 3:51am View
I fix my code. I can't show number inside of table line.
Sun-Mi Kang 1-Jun-15 23:41pm View
Ok.. Sorry.!
Sun-Mi Kang 15-Mar-15 22:12pm View
Thank you ! Twentyeight is right. I don't think english spellings.
Sun-Mi Kang 1-Sep-14 4:28am View
sorry bad question..
I remove this code.

And make function..
Sun-Mi Kang 7-Apr-14 0:02am View
Sun-Mi Kang 31-Mar-14 2:52am View
Ah,, Thanks.. I might use vs tools
Sun-Mi Kang 31-Mar-14 2:46am View
Thank you! Nice Article~
Sun-Mi Kang 15-Dec-11 2:02am View
Thanks., I change Dialog Format,, Very thanks you
(^_^) Thanks for editing my article!, I m making elect car battery test program
Sun-Mi Kang 15-Dec-11 1:54am View
this is my program problem picture

My program is MODBUS program!
this is video(working) :
Sun-Mi Kang 15-Dec-11 1:50am View
I used RS-232C USB Port
Sun-Mi Kang 11-Jul-11 2:53am View
OK I upload new post
Sun-Mi Kang 7-Jul-11 22:48pm View
Sun-Mi Kang 7-Jul-11 22:44pm View
When I execute code. I can save my file,. but i cannot browse my save excel file when I push the open button
Sun-Mi Kang 19-May-11 2:41am View
Sun-Mi Kang 28-Mar-11 2:21am View
My error finish all, now I cannot send data,, plz change my problem
Sun-Mi Kang 28-Mar-11 0:34am View
Sun-Mi Kang 27-Mar-11 23:19pm View
I send file to your homepage,, Anyway, thanks ~