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Comments by SOHAM_GANDHI (Top 25 by date)

SOHAM_GANDHI 18-Aug-14 1:08am View
i'm asking imafe source to stream?
SOHAM_GANDHI 20-May-14 8:38am View
try to use updated explorer
SOHAM_GANDHI 21-Apr-14 9:23am View
you can use key event for dropdown list, you prevent up/down key event
SOHAM_GANDHI 21-Apr-14 9:20am View
if having 2 or more cam to loaded CAMERA_ID = 0, CAMERA_ID_2 =1 like wise
SOHAM_GANDHI 21-Apr-14 9:19am View
it must be CAMERA_ID = 0 for first indexed webcam,
SOHAM_GANDHI 21-Apr-14 9:19am View
what is CAMERA_ID value
SOHAM_GANDHI 7-Apr-14 4:58am View
then, try to display in the grid view.
SOHAM_GANDHI 7-Apr-14 4:58am View
don't match the row type, check the data exists or not.
SOHAM_GANDHI 7-Apr-14 1:58am View
Better way is that, make permanent default row(0), insert default values.
SOHAM_GANDHI 7-Apr-14 1:57am View
before fetching the data from database, somewhere you calculate the length of database (in terms of records), thats why it showing error.
SOHAM_GANDHI 6-Apr-14 11:36am View
should i, delete the solution
SOHAM_GANDHI 17-Mar-14 14:45pm View
Pass string as 46-46-45-36 as on..
46 is get convert to byte.

Error because.
it convert to byte as single number like 4 ,6 ,4, 6 , . . .
SOHAM_GANDHI 17-Mar-14 3:53am View
check for "form" constructor is public or not ?
SOHAM_GANDHI 17-Mar-14 3:36am View
you are welcome
SOHAM_GANDHI 15-Mar-14 7:58am View
i think you have to insert marathi text in database using c#,i' sending you the solution. try it.
SOHAM_GANDHI 15-Mar-14 7:37am View
which database you are going to use?
SOHAM_GANDHI 15-Mar-14 7:36am View
check yor Question in using C#?------------- what is mean
SOHAM_GANDHI 15-Mar-14 6:52am View
thank you. for accepting answer
SOHAM_GANDHI 15-Mar-14 6:06am View
i'modified code, just check it
SOHAM_GANDHI 15-Mar-14 6:06am View
just change the code, pass parameter (true, true)
SOHAM_GANDHI 15-Mar-14 3:24am View
make correct question?
SOHAM_GANDHI 14-Mar-14 1:50am View
You can directly read the marathi words from textbox, and insert to database, as how we do for english words
SOHAM_GANDHI 8-Feb-14 9:08am View
use emgucv with c#..
SOHAM_GANDHI 2-Feb-14 12:51pm View
Features extraction like or may any other.
just i want, to find unique face.
SOHAM_GANDHI 2-Feb-14 12:42pm View
suppose i've two people face, so how do i compare it, something like securiy