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Comments by Matias Lopez (Top 25 by date)

Matias Lopez 13-May-19 13:45pm View
A little question... App_Web_2woqyecp.dll: It's external/internal reference? Where/How is it referenced?
Matias Lopez 21-Sep-18 11:51am View
What Project Type did you use? And did you get the correct Token Key for the Web API Reference? Tell us...
Matias Lopez 20-Sep-18 9:14am View
This, and read all the documentation of the Telerik People. These controls works fine with the correct implementation:
Telerik Documentation
Matias Lopez 18-Sep-18 12:07pm View
Did you test that code not exit with errors? Can you add the try/catch code block in VB?
Matias Lopez 18-Sep-18 9:45am View
Yes, but it's the best option, then run the SP exec statement (with the profiling parameters), and the run the SP manual with variables, and try to catch the error.
Matias Lopez 18-Sep-18 9:39am View
Use Profiling Services for SQL, it is included in the SQL Packing.
Matias Lopez 17-Sep-18 9:06am View
Can you change the video format? Try to convert the video to mp4, or another video format:

Online Video Converter
Matias Lopez 14-Sep-18 14:49pm View
Did you think some specific language? Did you Google it?
Matias Lopez 14-Sep-18 13:30pm View
When you call to Clear(String s), you bulk the result into a String variable, no?
Matias Lopez 12-Sep-18 10:52am View
Matias Lopez 11-Sep-18 13:46pm View
First, do you have the correct Path? And the application have permissions to access there?
Matias Lopez 11-Sep-18 13:20pm View
Bootstrap | W3Schools
And the online call:

<!-- Latest compiled and minified CSS -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

<!-- jQuery library -->
<script src=""></script>

<!-- Latest compiled JavaScript -->
<script src=""></script>
Matias Lopez 11-Sep-18 13:11pm View
The firewall was fixed if you look the install report down, but this throw this:
path: Value cannot be null.

Does the mysql installer need this parameter? Did you check this?
Matias Lopez 10-Sep-18 9:39am View
We assume that you include the .css and .js needed to include BootStrap, and your code is supported in this used version, no?
Matias Lopez 7-Sep-18 13:58pm View
Did you upload .html, .asp, or .aspx, the bin folder, Web.Config, and needed files to deploy the Web? What kind of page did you upload?
Matias Lopez 7-Sep-18 13:20pm View
Sorry, but what attribute did you use to get value? Did you have handleEvents in the TextBox?
Matias Lopez 7-Sep-18 13:13pm View
Yes, and you can use the function "Select(int iRow)"!
Matias Lopez 7-Sep-18 9:44am View
Check this post:
Matias Lopez 6-Sep-18 13:40pm View
We assume that you use bootstrap, no? Use fancybox!
Matias Lopez 30-Aug-18 10:11am View
Maybe it's simple, but I ask you: Did you use GridView in an UpdatePanel? And the Button saves a PDF File with Threading? Can a Timeout be a problem?
Matias Lopez 29-Aug-18 11:36am View
Maybe you can use Aspose, or some tool to create Excel Reports, or another file extensions. It's an option to do reports.
Matias Lopez 28-Aug-18 9:22am View
"I've made a function that adds a new row when called."
Where did you call this function (Button, a Windows Form Handle Function, Delegate)? Have you got a cleanning function, (and at the call, maybe clean texBox's)?
If you show the code we could help you better!
Matias Lopez 27-Aug-18 16:45pm View
If you re-write all the row, the last row disappeared? Tell us more about this error! The definition of the DataGridView, for example.
Matias Lopez 25-Nov-11 14:57pm View
What kind of animation do you embed? Can you explain more about it?