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Artefakt94 3-Sep-14 12:01pm View    
You can create a first website with pages with content. Then, you create a second website. In this second website, you create a page with an iframe inside it. In the iframe url, type the url of your first site's page.
Artefakt94 1-Jun-14 18:14pm View    
What's going wrong with this library ?
"Spam" ?! I'm not working for them, I just suggest a probable solution ...
Artefakt94 31-May-14 14:57pm View    
Can you use VB.NET with ID3lib library ?
Example of a .NET library :
Artefakt94 31-May-14 14:42pm View    
You're welcome akhi ;)
Artefakt94 31-May-14 13:56pm View    
You're welcome ;)