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rakesh1503 14-Aug-15 8:54am View    
Please look into the code below
result['Configuration']['MacIdList'][0]['mac'][].activated-on =;
result['Configuration']['MacIdList'][0]['mac'][].activated-by =;
result['Configuration']['MacIdList'][0]['mac'][].deactivated-on =;[].active =;
rakesh1503 12-Sep-12 6:15am View    
Dear,let me try to make you understand that with the help of above code i have tried to save the sessionId into my appsettings section of web config and after that before opening my ADOMD connection i am assigning this session id to my ADOMD connection variable and this is where i am getting the above specified message.

It might be possible that i am not following the right approach because i am really strange for this SSAS and ADOMD.NET but have tried my best to explore it out.

Please suggest some way out!
rakesh1503 12-Sep-12 5:56am View    
The question is : how to show the locally modified data in cube on web page(I am using to connect to cube(SSAS 2008) which was modified locally and not committed) as i am getting only the commited data from the cube.
rakesh1503 22-Feb-12 13:09pm View    
I want to display the document in web page only.requirement is not Open or Save the document