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Comments by Manish.Insan (Top 21 by date)

Manish.Insan 9-Dec-13 2:53am View    
In my question, i have also shown the expected result. if it is nor overlapping then it would be as it is.
By the way, thanks for reply.
Manish.Insan 6-Dec-13 5:24am View    
For these values result would be:

ID StartDate EndDate
1 1-Nov-2013 25-Nov-2013
2 26-Nov-2013 29-Nov-2013
Manish.Insan 6-Dec-13 3:04am View    
Not working in all cases.
Manish.Insan 6-Dec-13 3:03am View    
It's so time consuming from the performance perspective. I did it using join and loop but i am trying to enhance the performance after removing the loop.
Manish.Insan 5-Dec-13 6:13am View    
No, it could be any record which is overlapping other. I want those maximum period of date range.