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zlogdan 20-May-14 11:31am View    
OK, will this question.
zlogdan 20-May-14 10:25am View    
Apologizes, I only realized now that this phrase was no less than "undue". I was in a hurry, will try to describe better later.
zlogdan 20-May-14 10:24am View    
Apologizes, I was in a hurry when I posted this. Will later post the whole thing.
zlogdan 5-Jul-13 19:01pm View    
It was not said that was the case of friendship in this present post. I was merely mentioning why posts like these should not be answered. I usually help people with their homework if they can elaborate an initial draft or something they are trying to do for them selves instead of posting something here and simply saying : hey do my homework please I need it fast! One of the main reasons for the forum is to make the solution available for other users that can benefit from the information. Should the OP have written his/her own code which was causing troubles, it would be definitely worth trying to elaborate a directive to the OP so his/her issue could be solved. Edit: I definitely had not seen your code before but it is incorrect. I suspect you are either a troll or were not aware of what you were doing.
zlogdan 5-Jul-13 8:40am View    
Posting such questions leads to people being awarded for doing the job someone else should have done, either for learning or for profit. I suspect some people make simple questions to "friends" to easily answer them. Just like, hey "what is int i = 0; ?" I downvoted your solution as well.