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Foothill 23-Jan-18 14:03pm View    
Good point. I see C# and GridView and the first thing that pops into mind is WPF. **facepalm**
Foothill 22-Jan-18 10:57am View    
Sending email can be quite simple. Start with the System.Net.Mail namespace. There are lots of examples on how to send an email.
Foothill 22-Jan-18 10:52am View     CRLF
How are you getting your values to the grid view? Are you manually setting each value or using XAML XPath binding. If so, how are your bindings defined. They should be written like: <GridViewColumn Header="Units"> <gridviewcolumn.celltemplate> <datatemplate> <TextBlock Text="{Binding Path=Units, Mode=OneWay}"/>
Foothill 30-Oct-17 11:01am View     CRLF
You can create self-signed certificates for ISSExpress!? You learn something new every day. I assumed something as bare-bones as IISExpress wouldn't have that capability. Do you have a link to the steps? While you did provide a viable work-around, the original question still remains unanswered and I am still curious if precompiler directives can be replaced in C#.
Foothill 14-Sep-17 10:41am View    
I agree. The best approach would be to analyze the queries and indexes of the target table to maximize efficiencies at the database. If queries are taking a long time to find data, it could be using a poorly written query or the database is creating the necessary indexes to find the data on each query call. Good indexes are key to fast queries.