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Comments by Mahmut Koyuncu (Top 18 by date)

Mahmut Koyuncu 21-Jul-14 10:51am View
I want canvas image with all items, and in codebehind. Of course, according to ActualSize of canvas.
Mahmut Koyuncu 7-Apr-14 4:21am View
Thanks for your response, you are right. I could not find a simple way too.
Mahmut Koyuncu 13-Feb-14 9:45am View
Hi Matin,
It's work, but I don't remember what is the problem and its solution. You can check those things.
- Your command property is public.
- Your command name is correct.
- Your viewmodel is creating? ( Maybe the problem is viewmodel creation, not command issue.)

If you give some code, we find the problem together.
Mahmut Koyuncu 28-Nov-13 9:14am View
Thanks your response and the answer, you are right. It solved my problem.
Mahmut Koyuncu 29-May-13 2:25am View
And maybe, Thread.CurrentThread.CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.NumberFormat.NumberDecimalSeparator can used instead of CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.NumberFormat.NumberDecimalSeparator. I think it is a better solution.
Mahmut Koyuncu 28-May-13 13:29pm View
Don't tell me. I rewrite a project which written in FORTRAN. It creates a file. And it must be in the same format in the C# project. And thanks for answer.
Mahmut Koyuncu 24-Apr-13 4:41am View
Thanks for your response.Does WPF support SVG? I couldn't find anything about saving canvas or visual as SVG?
Mahmut Koyuncu 23-Apr-13 16:35pm View
Thanks for your response.Does WPF support SVG? I couldn't find anything about saving canvas or visual as SVG?
Mahmut Koyuncu 8-Apr-13 2:48am View
Hi Irina,thanks for your response. References is fine. Problem is only loading dynamic content of uielement. I solved the problem. But make me mad :))). local resource problem is gone by cleaning solution and building again.
Mahmut Koyuncu 19-Nov-12 17:52pm View
yes AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory + @"ReportFolder\ReportName.rpt"; works too but path correct I check and report is in the directory. And the code is in try-catch block.
Mahmut Koyuncu 19-Nov-12 10:16am View
I try to load from file path. Again same thing happened. I write file path to text file and it is correct. In the directory, the report exists, but again I face to face an error. I cannot find it :S
Mahmut Koyuncu 19-Nov-12 9:00am View
Thanks for your response. It is not directly load from file path. I create report as an object. Can it be same problem again?
Mahmut Koyuncu 31-Oct-12 5:22am View
Nope I didnt try this solution. Same problem and this solution works ;)). Thanks for help.
Mahmut Koyuncu 30-Oct-12 16:22pm View
Yes I did :), it said remove all file in temp, and add some dll file into System32 and install it. It is not work :)))
Mahmut Koyuncu 30-Oct-12 16:20pm View
I am trying to install cs for visual studio. Its version is 13.0.4
Mahmut Koyuncu 16-Oct-12 8:14am View
Thanks for response, okey MyBase class a graphic user interface I can lines curves in this class, but somewhere in my project I dont need graph only image of graph so i need some new class GraphShower And Class GraphDrawer is derived by Drawer class. GraphShower and GraphDrawer is in a communication each other. But in somewhere of project I need Drawer images and GraphDrawer and GraphShower do that automatically. İf Drawer class add this properties then Drawer class is out of its purpose. I dont want it so if i make sending Drawer type and copy it to base part of GraphDrawer in some way. BaseClass CopyConstructor is not defined by me, it is defined behind like Default constructor or it must be defined?
Mahmut Koyuncu 10-Oct-12 8:37am View
Thanks for response, but my images in memory not saved in disk. My project create pictures aboutvone hundred pictures or two hundred. Picture number is changeable and is related input parameters, so i dont want to save them in disk.
Mahmut Koyuncu 9-Oct-12 5:18am View
This images are created by code, so they are in memory. But your answer realy nice. Thanks for response