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Comments by Mark Briscombe (Top 6 by date)

Mark Briscombe 14-Jan-14 8:40am View    
Yep, aware of this, when I said x milliseconds I was going to be using somewhere north of 1000...probably more like 5000 to be honest. The site has guidelines which they accept.
Mark Briscombe 16-Mar-11 10:20am View    
Also thank you for your answer SAKryukov, I see what you are saying about events and mutexes especially about using a try-finally block to ensure a release anytime I use one. Also I will definitely look into what you suggest regarding Sockets. I have some reading to do! Thanks again.
Mark Briscombe 16-Mar-11 10:15am View    
Thanks Espen, what you have suggested I read looks very helpful!
Mark Briscombe 21-Feb-11 6:13am View    
Just to let you both know I got this working perfectly, thanks again!
Mark Briscombe 14-Feb-11 13:15pm View    
Hope my terminology didn't cause confusion, many thanks for the reply everyone though. It looks like I have a few answers and they point me in the right direction now to investigate myself further! Thanks!