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Comments by vanikanc (Top 4 by date)

vanikanc 9-Feb-11 13:22pm View
For some reason, I am unable to see the text box to enter the problem, so I fit it in the subject line. And the subject line pretty much sums up the problem.

Thank you.
vanikanc 8-Feb-11 15:05pm View
But the command window keeps popping each time.
wsShell.Run("sdelete -z"), 2, True -- i tried to set this to 2 to run in silent mode but it still not working.
vanikanc 8-Feb-11 14:33pm View
I just say, WshShell.Run "sDelete -z", since I am already in the folder that needs files to be delete. I also made sure that the sdelete.exe file also resides in the same folder where I am running this vscript file.
vanikanc 8-Feb-11 14:24pm View
What if you are in a file system, we have something that already reads thru files and uses the file system delete method. we are trying to use a cleaner and more reliable method with the sDelete. I plan to replace filesystem.delete with sDelete. would that work?