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Tim Corey 24-Oct-19 22:58pm View    
I agree. If your table has a column called First_Name but your property in your model is firstname, it will not link the two. Make sure the spelling matches exactly.
Tim Corey 27-Oct-15 13:01pm View    
This isn't the best place to get an answer. If you have a question you need help with, create a new question instead of posing a question in the comments of a somewhat related question. When you do post your question, please be as specific as possible. The information you provided doesn't really give enough information to fully understand your situation.
Tim Corey 3-Apr-13 12:00pm View    
No, but I was trying to go through proper channels to do so. I figured if I asked the question here, I could get the answer I needed and it would be here for others in the future. If I just ask Chris, it is a one-off answer that doesn't help anyone else but me. If I can't get a good answer, though, I'll just send a message to Chris.
Tim Corey 3-Apr-13 11:58am View    
Well, I think you have misunderstood what I am asking. First, I'm asking if the system Code Project uses is available for use (open source). If not, I'm asking if anyone knows of a similar system. My reference to Google is that I don't want someone to just spew back a basic Google search and say "try these". I've done that. I was trying to communicate that I've done research before coming here. What I'm looking for is information from people who have a working solution or know of one. I'm not looking for people with no idea to just paste the Google results I've already looked through. There are probably libraries out there in even my Google searches that I've missed but just posting the links doesn't really help me.

I'm not trying to not do work here. I'm just trying not to reinvent the wheel. That is the point of Code Project. We help each other learn what we already know. That is why I asked the question here. If you check my history, you will see I've spent a lot of time helping others here on Code Project. I'm not trying to get something for no effort. I'm just asking others who know more than me in this area to help point me in the right direction.
Tim Corey 3-Apr-13 11:13am View    
Yeah, I did do a Google search and an article search before posting here. I've reviewed the top 10-20 that seemed relevant, but nothing seemed to work like what we have here on Code Project. A lot deal with desktop apps (rich text boxes, etc.) and those that do deal with web pages seem to be overly complicated and difficult to use.