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Comments by astika (Top 18 by date)

astika 26-Feb-14 7:22am View
dont make speling mistakes!
astika 21-Feb-14 0:18am View
You are taking about which line?
Line which are displayed at the time of design!
astika 18-Feb-14 2:15am View
how to know where to give - in string?
astika 18-Feb-14 0:59am View
Give quote to string
astika 10-Feb-14 6:22am View
no i dont want like that.bcoz for each textbox it is not good to check event each time.
I wants to know any method of web page so that i can understand text box is changed
astika 4-Feb-14 7:02am View
what do you mean by insert checked value?????????
astika 4-Feb-14 6:36am View
what is your problem?explain in detail
astika 2-Oct-12 1:31am View
Thanks for help!
same value is assigned to each combo.I want to assign different values to each combo.can u help?
astika 5-Sep-12 2:19am View
<pre lang="sql">
select NameOfSamitiMember,Mobile,Post
from tblSamiti
where tblSamiti.VillageId=@VillageId
and Post ='saBaapati'
or Post='UpasaBaapataI'
or Post='sadsya'
or Post='UpasaBaapatI'
or Post='maajaI saBaapataI'
or Post='maajaI {pasaBaapataI'
or Post='maajaI sadsya'</pre>
now i wish to add other 5 post have can i do it?
astika 5-Sep-12 2:14am View
Sir,I have more than 10 values!is there any other way to give it in stroed procedure!
astika 5-Sep-12 2:08am View
yes,i want single parameter to pass multiple values in stroed procedure!
astika 4-Sep-12 8:32am View
Great thanks,For such nice Help.Its very useful to me!Thanks a lot!
astika 4-Sep-12 7:51am View
Its string!how to change it?plz help!Thanks
astika 4-Sep-12 7:37am View
Thanks for help,but I have no Number tab when i click format Object.
astika 25-Feb-11 6:19am View
u are right.but i want to give the help option to my application.
so how i write it.
astika 19-Jan-11 2:44am View
Sir,Actually I Want To Display the Value in Combobox When I Open The Form.
I Can Do This By Using The Text Property
But AS My combobox is bound to database the way is not please Suggest me another way to do this.
Thanks in advance.
astika 20-Dec-10 23:51pm View
I actually have to do all this in's code.
astika 20-Dec-10 23:48pm View
i already used the backup database query , but there is the promblem that no entry of your database in sysdatabase.
Give me solution plz