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SoftwareDeveloperGoa 28-Nov-11 5:05am View    
On windows 7 WaitForSingleObject never comes out of waiting for the event even when the event is signalled.
SoftwareDeveloperGoa 31-Aug-11 9:25am View    
Thanks a ton for the help, will create a project, compile it & will write back about results

Regarding 32 & 64 bit, let's say i compile a 32 bit exe and dll and run it on 64 bit OS, should it be able to hook other 32 bit processes?

In my tests, the 32 bit app and dll could not even hook other 32 bit applications running on 64 bit

Strangely WH_MOUSE works always
SoftwareDeveloperGoa 31-Aug-11 3:15am View    
thanks a lot, had a look, it relies on WH_MOUSE and it works on a global level

I am struggling with global hook for WH_CBT which does not works on windows 7 :-(
SoftwareDeveloperGoa 30-Aug-11 11:07am View    
yes i am storing hook handle in exe rather than in dll
just like said here
SoftwareDeveloperGoa 7-Dec-10 18:51pm View    
Implemented by MFC, just use it