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adriancs 12-Mar-21 19:34pm View
adriancs 12-Mar-19 23:24pm View
DropDownList1.SelectedValue = // string value 1
DropDownList2.SelectedValue = // string value 2
DropDownList3.SelectedValue = // string value 3
DropDownList4.SelectedValue = // string value 4
adriancs 18-Aug-18 9:14am View
adriancs 18-Aug-18 9:13am View
.NET framework does not has build-in function for doing this. Which ends up you need en external library.
adriancs 4-Dec-17 6:47am View
How do you load the image into the img tag?
adriancs 25-Mar-17 9:56am View
adriancs 12-Aug-16 21:43pm View
I have updated the answer which gives you a better hint. What you need to do is apply the logic in your mvc.
adriancs 12-Aug-16 21:34pm View
You have already knew how to write blank line, name of month and write a string in mvc. So I think you have enough knowledge to resolve that part.
adriancs 12-Aug-16 21:32pm View
The main technical problem in your initial question has solved. Now, you have to modify it to suit your mvc environment.

Replace "RespondWriteBlankLine()" with your mvc function that write a blank line.
Replace "RespondWriteLine(item.EventDate.ToString("MMMMMMMM"))" with your mvc function that display the name of month.
Replace "RespondWriteLine("Event" + item.ScheduledEventId)" with your mvc function that write the word "Event#";
adriancs 24-Jun-16 10:11am View
Use combobox, you can only select 1 option in dropdownlist. (unless you use some jQuery, that would be a little more complicated.)
adriancs 24-Jun-16 10:07am View
Try download "Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable", if your project still fail to locate it, try change your project to .NET 4.0, not 4.5
adriancs 18-Mar-16 8:09am View
Are you trying to read Microsoft Excel Documents?
adriancs 18-Mar-16 8:08am View
Javascript can do that
adriancs 4-Mar-16 11:39am View
don't use Crystal Report. you will have a few issues when the technology evolves. Generate a html report instead. This will have much more compatibility, less dependency, less error and less problem.
adriancs 4-Mar-16 11:32am View
dont use crystal report, generate a html report in stead.
adriancs 24-Apr-15 9:23am View
If you need 2.5, then use NumericUpDown.DecimalPlaces = 1; NumericUpDown.Increment = 0.5;
adriancs 16-Jan-15 1:33am View
using "" is creating an instance of string each time, but String.empty is not.
adriancs 19-Dec-14 2:19am View
Sounds good. Thank you.
adriancs 18-Dec-14 20:07pm View
Hi, I don't have the privilege to use Windows services as the is hosted on a web shared hosting.
adriancs 5-Dec-14 19:34pm View
Did you actually google?
adriancs 5-Dec-14 19:22pm View
He want to do it at client side, at runtime. Not at visual studio.
adriancs 25-Nov-14 8:36am View
He is too lazy to search in google and yet lie.
He should not be helped.
adriancs 25-Nov-14 8:35am View
You are too lazy to even search in google.
You should not be helped.
adriancs 10-Sep-14 20:10pm View
Nice answer! vote 5
adriancs 12-Jul-14 9:45am View
or insert an empty row and return that ID for that specific row.
adriancs 20-Jun-14 22:49pm View
But I'm still looking today. it would be grateful if there are some more different points of view.
adriancs 12-Jun-14 10:28am View
write the file to Temp folder and run it from there
adriancs 10-Jun-14 21:57pm View
Yes, this will solve.
adriancs 3-Jun-14 6:00am View
Yes he is.
adriancs 9-May-14 10:10am View
adriancs 8-May-14 10:19am View
I think he want to change an excel file...
He mentioned that he want to add the 3rd row.
adriancs 29-Apr-14 21:04pm View
This is one of the hottest question, most Frequently Asked Question. Perhaps someone should write an article "A Collection of Ways Existed in the World on How to Read/Write Excel in C#"
adriancs 1-Apr-14 19:10pm View
Awesomium is used in Chromium. I have written an open source project by using awesomium. Take a look at
adriancs 17-Mar-14 22:35pm View
The code shown by you seems to be fine.
You have to provide more info.
adriancs 16-Mar-14 22:49pm View
by using SQL database.
You have to learn it. Search for tutorials in Google.
adriancs 13-Jan-14 0:41am View
Well, I can't see your computer screen and unable to guess the error message. Therefore I'm unable to tell what is happening to your project.
adriancs 11-Jan-14 2:35am View
You code has no error. The error is coming from the invalid values. There are so many values in your code, I don't know which of them have error.

Check the following values are valid or not:
- txtEmail.Text
- fileName
- folder + fileName

Try catch the error like this and find out the error.

// ... perform your task
catch (Exception ex)
Response.Write(ex.ToString().Replace("\r\n", "<br />");
adriancs 11-Jan-14 1:47am View
It is up to you to decide, you can Server.MapPath("~/" + "anything anywhere anypath and any name");.
adriancs 9-Jan-14 9:33am View
nice +5
adriancs 8-Jan-14 4:50am View
Thats right, just ask the developer of that machine.
adriancs 8-Jan-14 4:47am View
What shield? can it resists sword attack?
adriancs 8-Jan-14 4:46am View
Instalshield is not existed, but InstallShield.
adriancs 8-Jan-14 4:44am View
Good question
adriancs 8-Jan-14 3:19am View
Rinjdael Algorithm in C# is actually encrypting byte arrays and return encrypted byte arrays too.


To encrypt text, the text is converted into byte arrays and pass to rinjdael to encrypt, then convert the encrypted byte arrays into base64 string (text).

To encrypt file, the file is loaded into byte arrays and encrypted by rinjdael, then the encrypted byte arrays is written into file.
adriancs 8-Jan-14 2:33am View
for webform, you can use FileUpload.
adriancs 2-Jan-14 17:55pm View
For this situation, you'll use UPDATE.
adriancs 2-Jan-14 3:02am View
If the data is already existed in database and you wish to update it, you use the UPDATE statement. If you want to insert new data, then you will use INSERT statement. These are the very basics of MsSQL, try google it for tutorials. You need to learn the basic first before doing anything further.
adriancs 2-Jan-14 2:43am View
by executing INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE of SQL statements.
adriancs 1-Jan-14 22:21pm View
database = SQL database = SQL table
are you referring to System.Data.DataTable?
adriancs 31-Dec-13 3:05am View
If I understand correctly, after an ASP.NET page life cycle ends, IIS will release/dispose every object called within the thread, and this subsequently will close and dispose SqlConnection too. But I agree that, we should close the connection as soon as possible.
adriancs 30-Dec-13 23:33pm View
the above code shows no problem
adriancs 30-Dec-13 23:09pm View
General question will return general answers :)
I would say these are nice hints.
adriancs 29-Dec-13 19:12pm View
I tried to google around and I find that they provide POP3 / IMAP only for premium account.
adriancs 29-Dec-13 19:08pm View
Just ask them directly +5
adriancs 28-Dec-13 10:43am View
adriancs 28-Dec-13 10:43am View
adriancs 15-Dec-13 6:18am View
Type "C# xml write" in Google, plenty of answers. Did you Google?
adriancs 14-Dec-13 1:20am View
void DoVote(int i)
if (i > 5) { i--; DoVote(i); }
else if (i < 5) { i++; DoVote(i); }
else SubmitVote(i);
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adriancs 14-Dec-13 0:56am View
for example?
adriancs 13-Dec-13 3:48am View
adriancs 13-Dec-13 3:38am View
I have updated my answer for writing string as binary file.
adriancs 27-Sep-13 0:39am View
Just press the trigger on the Barcode Gun and fire the laser. The barcode gun will return a line of text that it read from the bar code. There is no special configuration for the barcode gun to work. It is standardize. It works just like a keyboard input. You can assume that the gun is a keyboard. Unless you are using old type of barcode gun, then you will need the manufacturer driver/API/Plugin Library/etc. By the way, the device is normally called Barcode Scanner in English.
adriancs 19-Aug-13 2:04am View
adriancs 10-Aug-13 9:35am View
Wat de error msg?
adriancs 8-Aug-13 1:52am View
I have update my answer above to provide the correct information.
adriancs 8-Aug-13 1:45am View
I have written an article of connecting MySQL from SilverLight by using web service.
adriancs 7-Aug-13 9:50am View
Oppss, sorry I have provided one wrong information. xD
You are right. It's glad that you have figured out.
The example provided in my answer is for a ASP.NET page accessing the web services. XD
For SilverLight, the result is returned in event GetDataCompleted. ^^
But anyway, I think you have learnt something new by yourself, which is a good for you. Congratulation.
adriancs 7-Aug-13 4:25am View
I always use BackgroundWorker to perform these tasks.
adriancs 7-Aug-13 1:43am View
Something is wrong before this code. We can't tell what is wrong without seeing the codes before this.
adriancs 7-Aug-13 1:40am View
I see. There are some hidden information which is not provided yet.
I can't guess what is your code's error in other part without seeing the code.
adriancs 6-Aug-13 13:33pm View
Yes, what RLH68 mentioned is correct.
By creating a static object of (UserInfo)Session["user"] can avoid the typo error.
See my answer.
P.S: I don't understand why our posts were downvoted. At least, the downvoter should explain why. Or else the act is just an naughty spam act.
adriancs 6-Aug-13 13:24pm View
Why asking the same question twice?
I have already answered your question.
If you are not clear with the answers, you can post comments or questions under the answers provided.
adriancs 6-Aug-13 13:03pm View
He had already added.
adriancs 6-Aug-13 11:36am View
See my answer.
adriancs 6-Aug-13 6:33am View
What is skip logic?
adriancs 5-Aug-13 23:47pm View is bought by
adriancs 5-Aug-13 22:17pm View
We can't tell what is the error with your code without seeing your code.
adriancs 4-Aug-13 10:27am View
Agree with you. Vote +5
adriancs 4-Aug-13 9:55am View
Not bad. Looks good.
adriancs 3-Aug-13 13:57pm View
Nice answer.
adriancs 3-Aug-13 13:56pm View
What have you tried?
adriancs 31-Jul-13 2:46am View
not enough details. try to be more specific.
adriancs 31-Jul-13 2:44am View
You should post the error/exception message too.
adriancs 31-Jul-13 2:44am View
adriancs 25-Jun-13 13:04pm View
adriancs 18-May-13 23:36pm View
+5 for not storing files in database.
This is because it increases the burden when backing up and restoring the database.
adriancs 18-May-13 23:34pm View
Can the user obtain the real filename on server?

One way to protect the files to be direct accessed by user is to put them inside App_Data folder for ASP.NET. Use web respond to transmit the file for user to download.
adriancs 18-May-13 11:25am View
He wants to store the uploaded files in folder, but don't want the files to be downloaded directly by other user.
adriancs 15-May-13 11:49am View
This is a hot question.
adriancs 4-May-13 5:16am View
The god will reward u by saying this message. xD
adriancs 4-May-13 4:27am View
I have a urgent project that need to be done too. Please help me to finish it in 2 days. Thanks you very much. and the the god will reward u too.
adriancs 2-May-13 9:07am View
OP want to convert a string to datetime.
adriancs 2-May-13 8:57am View
For example? what do you want to validate?
adriancs 2-May-13 7:58am View
Using Virtual Mode of DGV is the only way to show such number rows.
adriancs 28-Apr-13 4:21am View
This work on Chrome and firefox.
It does not work in Internet Explorer.
adriancs 11-Apr-13 6:55am View
rewrite the php script in c#
adriancs 28-Jan-13 20:49pm View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n nice. thanks
adriancs 25-Jan-13 23:18pm View
insert into `table_name`(`richtext`) values('" + richTextBox1.Rtf + "');
richTextBox1.Rtf = select `richtext` from `table_name`;
adriancs 24-Jan-13 2:55am View
question updated. :)
adriancs 24-Jan-13 2:22am View
the full code is not posted. in stead of giving you full baked code. This is actually good for you. In this case, you will learn more. It trains you to observe and train your programming logic. But, if you still fail to analyse the codes or integrate your code, you are welcome to leave comments and request for further help or further clarification.
adriancs 24-Jan-13 2:07am View

AllowUsersToAddRow = false

can avoid calculation errors, which an empty row will not exist, but it also lost the ability to allow your user key in data dynamically/directly into datagridview. However, to allow or not. Its up to you.
adriancs 24-Jan-13 2:06am View
and I also show you the extra code about the idea of using

adriancs 24-Jan-13 2:05am View
you have missed the point.

I do not provide full solution, in stead, I give you a very important clue/hints about what is causing your problem.

Your problem is your code is taking the last row into calculation. In your case, you have to check the last row is NEW ROW or not. because last row is always contains no data. Therefore, you have to use this


to by pass the last row, which is also the empty row. Then your calculation shall avoid any errors.

for the rest of the calculation. You are good to do it yourself without me showing the codes.
adriancs 24-Jan-13 2:04am View

AllowUsersToAddRow = false

can avoid calculation errors, which an empty row will not exist, but it also lost the ability to allow your user key in data dynamically/directly into datagridview. However, to allow or not. Its up to you.
adriancs 24-Jan-13 1:59am View
and I also show you the extra code about the idea of using

adriancs 24-Jan-13 1:56am View
you have missed the point.

I do not provide full solution, in stead, I give you a very important clue/hints about what is causing your problem.

Your problem is your code is taking the last row into calculation. In your case, you have to check the last row is NEW ROW or not. because last row is always contains no data. Therefore, you have to use this


to by pass the last row, which is also the empty row. Then your calculation shall avoid any errors.

for the rest of the calculation. You are good to do it yourself without me showing the codes.
adriancs 24-Jan-13 0:13am View
richTextBox1.Rtf = // data from mysql
adriancs 24-Jan-13 0:08am View
I know this problem is solved.
just to share a bit idea.
does this solve your problem too?
at the load event of MessageBoxForm, add this:
this.Activate() or
this.BringToFront() or
this.TopMost = true;
adriancs 20-Jan-13 19:47pm View
Hi, I'm interested in async pages. Isn't that all page served in IIS/ASP.NET are treated multithread?

Can you give me some clue about what is async pages?
is these info reflect what you said about Async Pages?
adriancs 19-Jan-13 22:24pm View
pictureBox1.location is the position
adriancs 19-Jan-13 10:05am View
this is the code:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
CheckBoxList1.AutoPostBack = true;
CheckBoxList1.SelectedIndexChanged += new EventHandler(CheckBoxList1_SelectedIndexChanged);

void CheckBoxList1_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
foreach (ListItem li in CheckBoxList1.Items)
if (li.Selected)
adriancs 19-Jan-13 9:54am View
Good luck. :)
adriancs 19-Jan-13 6:18am View
+1 Vote Up
adriancs 18-Jan-13 13:36pm View
Sounds like a SSL.
Cound this possible work for you?
the user send back an encrypted string of this content:


after you decrypted the string, you'll get
user = 132
sales amount = USD 3482
transaction amount = 23423

there, you'll know who send you the info.
the key that you sent to them will be part of encryption key.
adriancs 18-Jan-13 13:20pm View
To the best advise for beginner of ASP.NET

ASP.NET is a technology that built on top of HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT.
Before you start with ASP.NET, you must get your feet wet into html and css.

have some patient, read all through the topic about html at here:

then read all the topic about css at here:

then try to have some understanding of Javascript at here:

Without the knowledge of these 3, you will feel that something seems to be missing and you can't really perform.

ASP.NET can be described as a dynamic html generator. At the mean time ASP.NET runs processing logic in behind, it also generates HTML document and transmits it through internet to your client. And Javascript helps to process logic at client's computer. Javascript can dynamically generates or change the HTML at client's computer too. Javascript also helps to collect data from client and post it back to server for C# to process data.

Understanding HTML, CSS and Javascript will help you to understand the life circle of website better. You will eventually find that, ASP.NET do not fully generate all the HTML for you. Some of the parts will still require you to write HTML syntax manually. ASP.NET will help you combine the HTML syntax.

After that you can start to learn ASP.NET.
Here is a very good book for you to start off as a beginner.
A very nice book to read: Download this:
Beginning ASP.NET 3.5 in C# 2008 From Novice to Professional
adriancs 18-Jan-13 12:58pm View
new to is not a problem. here,

for tutorial of using ListBox, you may have a look at here:

for tutorial of using CheckBoxList, you may have a look at here:

you may post back comments if you have any question.
adriancs 18-Jan-13 12:18pm View
cloud? Windows Azure?
adriancs 18-Jan-13 12:06pm View
Hi, your question asked that how to do it without a button. So which means you know how to do it if using a button?

by the way, if you declare the CheckBoxList1_SelectedIndexChanged event in ASP.NET page like this:

<asp:CheckBoxList ID="CheckBoxList1" runat="server" AutoPostBack="True"

You don't need to declare it in code behind:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
CheckBoxList1.SelectedIndexChanged += new EventHandler(CheckBoxList1_SelectedIndexChanged);

and if you do it in code behind, you won't have to do it in ASP.NET page.
adriancs 18-Jan-13 11:59am View
Oh, I finally got it.
to use formatted code block in comments, use
adriancs 18-Jan-13 11:55am View
Yes, as richcb code presents
this is not needed:

TextBox1.Text = "";
adriancs 18-Jan-13 11:49am View
I see others use formated code block in their comments. Do you know how to do that?
<pre lang="cs">string a = "hello";</pre>
see, the html is not rendered.
adriancs 18-Jan-13 11:46am View
by using update panel?
adriancs 18-Jan-13 11:44am View
Hi Chiklu Soumya, I didn't mention RadioButtonList in my answer.
Your code is almost there. Its just has a little bug.

It should be this right?
<pre>TextBox1.Text = RadioButton1.Text;</pre>
not this
<pre>RadioButton1.Text = TextBox1.Text;</pre>
adriancs 18-Jan-13 11:09am View
I believe you can easily find lots of answers in google, even with graphics illustration and movie guide in youtube.
adriancs 18-Jan-13 11:02am View
don't try to request for full coding here.
This is a place for learning.
You should asked for hints, tips and most importantly paste the code where you are stuck at.
In most of the cases, people here will try to teach how to bake a cake, not a ready baked cake.
adriancs 18-Jan-13 10:33am View
Hi, can you paste the codes that you have tried? You can paste the code in your question. Just edit the question.
adriancs 18-Jan-13 10:32am View
Hi, can you show me what are the codes that you have written so far? You can paste the code in your question. Just edit the question.
adriancs 17-Jan-13 22:11pm View
To understand the need of doing this,
Try execute this:

string name = "anyname";
string address = "anyaddress";
string comment = "anycomment'); DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `table`; SELECT ('surprise";

SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("insert into table (name,address,comment) values('" + name + "','" + address + "','" + comment + "')", cnn);

It's called SQL Injection.
adriancs 17-Jan-13 21:53pm View
for rapid change, cache the last existed largest number.
for slow change, compare the values one by one, or
sort the values and get the 1st or last.
adriancs 9-Jan-13 20:14pm View
adriancs 8-Jan-13 8:34am View
Well, then change the engine, and it will. XD
adriancs 8-Jan-13 8:30am View
save it as a html table file and name it with a file extension of ".xls".
adriancs 18-Dec-12 8:13am View
whats the different between
<pre>public static readonly string SomeStr = "abcd";</pre>
<pre>public const string SomeStr = "abcd";</pre>?
adriancs 17-Dec-12 22:22pm View
adriancs 16-Dec-12 9:04am View
When do you want to find the control?
adriancs 16-Dec-12 9:03am View
When do you want to find the control?
adriancs 15-Dec-12 1:23am View
You create a template in Crystal Report.
then, you'll declare an instance of crystal report in code, fill in the values dynamically and export the PDF dynamically in c#.
All of this is done in code behind. Only the design time is done in visual studio's CR editor.
You can even generate the template in code behind too.
adriancs 15-Dec-12 0:25am View
What have you tried?
adriancs 12-Dec-12 22:43pm View
You are recommended to post a new question for this. You will receive better solutions.
adriancs 12-Dec-12 22:15pm View
I don't understand your question.
adriancs 12-Dec-12 22:14pm View
I don't understand what you want.
adriancs 12-Dec-12 22:12pm View
You can find some of the information here:
Difference between String and StringBuilder
adriancs 12-Dec-12 9:08am View
me too. +5
adriancs 12-Dec-12 9:01am View
What have you tried? What have you done? Show some of your code.
adriancs 12-Dec-12 8:54am View
Yes, it works.
adriancs 12-Dec-12 8:54am View
Which of the line of code that you don't understand?
adriancs 12-Dec-12 8:50am View
Hi, I have updated the answer.
adriancs 12-Dec-12 8:09am View
You can ask someone to create the application for you at
There are lots of folks ready to create any application for you, with or without source code.
adriancs 13-Nov-12 0:09am View
How about copy the data source file?
adriancs 9-Nov-12 4:59am View
someControl.BackgroundImage = Image.FromFile("C:\\someimage.jpg");
adriancs 8-Nov-12 9:50am View
check if the values exist in data or not.
if yes, throw error
if no, add it.
adriancs 8-Nov-12 9:49am View
There are many databases that you can use.
do you want recommendation?
adriancs 8-Nov-12 9:41am View
that will do
adriancs 8-Nov-12 9:39am View
use 2012
adriancs 8-Nov-12 9:38am View
I guess he missed the last sentence: How to do that?
adriancs 8-Nov-12 9:34am View
select * from table1 inner join table2 on table1.someid =;
adriancs 8-Nov-12 9:30am View
what do you get?
adriancs 7-Nov-12 8:48am View
If it is disturbing your b, then you can make it out a or out c or out anything you like.
By this, it won't affect your b.
adriancs 7-Nov-12 3:26am View
Maybe you are trying to ask:
How to make a thing that support uploading and downloading both music/video through internet (online) in C#?
adriancs 7-Nov-12 3:21am View
You can do that with
That enables you to make any media/files online where you can upload and download.
adriancs 6-Nov-12 3:34am View
Thanks for information.
adriancs 4-Nov-12 6:40am View
Hi buddy, you forgot to accept solution
adriancs 4-Nov-12 6:40am View
Hi buddy, you forgot to accept solution.
adriancs 2-Nov-12 4:10am View
sorry. this is wrong >> requestvalidationmode
this is correct >> requestValidationMode
adriancs 2-Nov-12 0:26am View
Are you encrypting unicode characters? Maybe you have used the wrong Encoding.
adriancs 1-Nov-12 7:50am View
Can you show the codes that you build table1, table2 and gridview?
adriancs 1-Nov-12 7:50am View
Can you show the codes that you build table1, table2 and gridview?
adriancs 1-Nov-12 5:24am View
dont type your question or comment in [Add your solution here] or [Submit your solution!] or [Add a Solution].
Click on the button called >> [Have a Question or Comment?]
adriancs 1-Nov-12 5:05am View
textbox can be wrapped (the output of the employee name) inside an updatepanel. This can prevent a full postback. Slightly better performance.
adriancs 27-Oct-12 21:47pm View
Yes, this query will return an integer.
adriancs 27-Oct-12 21:46pm View
shot at target. vote 5
adriancs 26-Oct-12 23:13pm View
I have updated my answer.
adriancs 26-Oct-12 11:56am View
I saw your code. That sounds better.
adriancs 26-Oct-12 11:56am View
I saw your code. That sounds better.
adriancs 26-Oct-12 11:54am View
This looks better.
adriancs 26-Oct-12 11:42am View
This is just depends on the programmer's requirements and needs.
He need the 2nd form to alter 1st form's button, then he'll code it that way.
By hiding the button1, this can prevent user for opening the same form twice.
The OP opens the form by using Show(), not ShowDialog().
adriancs 26-Oct-12 1:40am View
Put the code in master page.
adriancs 25-Oct-12 23:44pm View
Hi, you may add this article link. An introduction of password hack proved generator.
>> Salted Password Hashing - Doing it Right
adriancs 25-Oct-12 23:13pm View
I think he wants to say:
code shows no build errors but will not run PROPERLY AS PREDICTED. IT HAS ENDLESS LOOP.
adriancs 25-Oct-12 9:25am View
Why you can't use it in your project?
adriancs 25-Oct-12 8:34am View
You are creating a HTML Excel File which very hard to add more rows directly.
You can use some third party tools to make an excel file / to add rows etc.

You can try this:
ClosedXML - The easy way to OpenXML
adriancs 25-Oct-12 7:20am View
you want to pick a date from the calendar into textbox?
adriancs 25-Oct-12 7:13am View
Hi, I have reply in the above solution.
adriancs 22-Oct-12 9:49am View
opps, a mistake. I have updated the answer.
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This question is almost similar to: How to write a C# program?
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Is there any exceptions? what is the details of the exception error message?
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you are not going to add item into COLUMNS. More accurate, you are going to add it into CELL.
gridView1.Rows[0].Cells[0].Text = "something like that";
dataGridView1.Rows[0].Cells[0].Value = "something like that";
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I have added the timer1.Tick += timer1_Tick;
at the constructor. You may try again.
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I think you are right. He said the timer is not running. Perhaps timer1.Tick += timer1_Tick is not set. But how come he can run it in the 1st place? nevermind, just add it anyway.
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However, I do miss out the timer.Start() at Page Load.
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I follow the OP's code. The OP can run the code with timer start. There is a very high possibility that the Timer Tick event handler is set in the Form1.Designer.cs (UI design) by the OP.
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when you move your mouse, the textbox and label is shown again, and at the same time, you restart the timer.
timer1.Start() << restart the timer
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Yes, this is what he meant.
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Use a timer on 2nd pc to check the database for changes periodically to detect any updates from 1st pc.
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You can pass the value to next page in several ways. You can pass it by using SessionState.
Just change this:
to this:
the you can access the answers on the next page.
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you can change this
to any format you like. For example:
date1.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss"); or
date1.ToString("MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss");
You can change this
if (DateTime.TryParseExact(clientInputDate , "dd/MM/yyyy", dateFormat,
if (DateTime.TryParseExact(clientInputDate , "yyyy/MM/dd", dateFormat, or
if (DateTime.TryParseExact(clientInputDate , "dd/yyyy/MM", dateFormat,
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Reply to your message: "he must be in hurry :)"
haha... your answer is correct. :)
Mine is just a joke. ^^ I'have deleted my answer anyway.
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how do you "bind the event handler"?
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I think that simply a grammar mistake and the sentences sounds to be like this:
......but its not Firing. Any suggestion?