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adriancs 31-Oct-23 7:53am View    
I suggest use dynamic HTML and javascript ajax/fetchapi in stead.
adriancs 13-Jun-23 12:10pm View    
by rearranging the structure in molecules level, adjusting atoms here and there through 4th dimension, perhaps anything can be converted into anything :D
adriancs 13-Jun-23 12:05pm View    
Or just wait for a few (months?) years, when ChatGPT 5 or 6 is out. Then almost everyone can build website just by asking.
adriancs 13-Jun-23 11:25am View    
Yupe, this is quite simple to do that in this year. Here's a simple version of: Use ChatGPT API to build your custom ChatGPT tool which can take images as input and prompt ChatGPT to build a HTML page based on the image. Sounds cool. and now, the next question you'll be asking. How to code that? using ChatGPT API? and yupe, that's a good direction.
adriancs 7-Jun-23 5:04am View    
Cool. Thanks for the info, Richard :D