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Balwant.mnd 8-Jul-11 8:18am View
Reason for my vote of 3
nice and clear.
thanks dude..............
Balwant.mnd 10-May-11 4:57am View
Balwant.mnd 10-May-11 4:57am View
Balwant.mnd 2-May-11 2:00am View
Thanks Now it is working!
thanks a lot
Balwant.mnd 2-May-11 1:37am View
no it is not working because dropdownlist does not found because it is in the gridview edit template.
i will also tried to find suitable solution for it
Balwant.mnd 18-Apr-11 12:52pm View
DateTime.TryParser() does not work...........
Balwant.mnd 17-Apr-11 23:42pm View
Hi, no error is not due to this because i had added this instead of txt.CheckIn.Text.
So i am unable to figure out this problem......
Balwant.mnd 16-Apr-11 4:17am View
Because that value is auto generated and how i insert it to another when it is generated.
Balwant.mnd 16-Apr-11 4:13am View
Please explain with example.
Balwant.mnd 16-Apr-11 2:15am View

how to used the web.config setting incs file of page to send email.
please explain.
Balwant.mnd 16-Apr-11 2:15am View

how to used the web.config setting incs file of page to send email.
please explain.
Balwant.mnd 14-Apr-11 23:43pm View
Thanks for your answer and reply. you said above that CheckBoxList makes design complicated so instead of it what control i had used.
Balwant.mnd 4-Apr-11 7:18am View
hi Yes i will look for this type of scenario so that a website becomes intelligent and looks alike everywhere.
thanks for your suggestion.
if you know how to find the client's browser width and height. then please share with me.
Balwant.mnd 4-Apr-11 7:15am View
Thanks i will desperately looking and also finding some ways to get the client's browser width and height.

Thanks for your response.
Balwant.mnd 4-Apr-11 5:01am View
This is not good approach, i have tested this type of layout and all those websites which used it have so many discrepancy. the code project website also have the same problem. you can check it by performing the task.
click the maximize button of your browser on the right corner and set the browser to a small window, then horizontally scroll and see this website looks so ugly.The whole design become a bit of non professional work.
Please have a look at this.
To remove this type of unmanaged designing we have to some coding using javascript or jquery.
Prior to loading the page in the client browser check for the screen resolution and then use the css file according to that resolution.
I know this but i don't know how to find the client's browser width and height.

so if you have any idea the please share it with me.
so that i can make it for all those who want's that their website looks alike irrespective of the machine and environment.
Balwant.mnd 4-Apr-11 4:26am View
I think you don't understand my requirement. i was saying that website should looks same whether their may be the different screen resolutions used.
Balwant.mnd 1-Apr-11 1:04am View
some other option please share with me.
Balwant.mnd 31-Mar-11 8:57am View
i just make use of the session variable of the existing user of that website. this forum page is enhancement to existing website. the user management is already done in webconfig file.
or i think make it open to all user whether registered or anonymous.

What is your Idea?
Balwant.mnd 31-Mar-11 8:42am View
no i want to made it from scratch only one forum page. have any idea how to start.?
Balwant.mnd 28-Mar-11 7:50am View
but what about the browser inbuilt option for remembering the password.
Balwant.mnd 25-Mar-11 3:25am View
hi please check this and help me what is this:-
Balwant.mnd 23-Mar-11 23:41pm View
no, their is no updation and deletion on each table.
Balwant.mnd 23-Mar-11 8:15am View
CREATE TRIGGER [dbo].[Shortest_Exit_Path]
ON [dbo].[Exit_Path]
IF (@@RowCount > 0)

INSERT into Shortest_Exit_Path([ProjectId]
SELECT [ProjectId]

FROM Inserted

Balwant.mnd 18-Mar-11 1:24am View
u can use Page.MasterPageFile in init event of page
Balwant.mnd 17-Mar-11 0:23am View
thanks Espen Harlinn
thank you very much.
Balwant.mnd 16-Mar-11 0:43am View
public class dept
public static bool CETresult;
//some of the statements related to class not depends on CETResult variable
//below is the main code which set the value for this static variable.
Balwant.mnd 2-Feb-11 1:19am View
plz check the code
Balwant.mnd 1-Feb-11 7:50am View
you can check the session state whether is it idle or not for specific time interval. If end user is idle for specific time period then change the db to log off state. It may works for you.
Balwant.mnd 27-Jan-11 0:34am View
some great ans plz
Balwant.mnd 16-Jan-11 4:58am View
no these are correct
Balwant.mnd 1-Dec-10 1:21am View
what should i do
plz help i can't solve this problem
Balwant.mnd 30-Nov-10 5:04am View
this is not working
Balwant.mnd 30-Nov-10 4:46am View
protected void drpModifyBrand_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
Panel1.Visible = true;
ConnectionClass conobj = new ConnectionClass();
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand();
cmd.Connection = conobj.GetCon();
cmd.CommandText = "select BrandName,BrandURL,BrandDescription from Brand where BrandId='" + drpModifyBrand.SelectedValue + "'";
SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter(cmd);
DataSet ds = new DataSet();
txtBrandName.Text = ds.Tables[0].Rows[0][0].ToString();
Balwant.mnd 30-Nov-10 1:32am View
plz solve this problem as soon as possible
Balwant.mnd 15-Nov-10 1:58am View
while using gridview paging compiler show error