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Comments by Joan M (Top 200 by date)

Joan M 15-Aug-22 3:32am View     CRLF
I am concerned because the company logo, the ability to choose language and the menu to navigate the site are hidden after that undesired scroll happens after refreshing. In any case I've found the reason, a javascript for the cookies banner is the reason for this to happen.
Joan M 15-Aug-22 3:30am View     CRLF
Found what was going on... the small javascript that alerts the user of the cookies (google stats and bing stats) is messing things up... thanks for your post. Will have to re-read the cookie laws and, just remove that stupid banner if possible... :)
Joan M 14-Aug-22 17:03pm View     CRLF
Just done this, right click, view source code, copied it, pasted into winmerge, reloaded the page, and repeated the action. Both codes are the same... :'( I will do what you suggested tomorrow, let's see if I can find anything there... Thanks Luc!
Joan M 28-Feb-22 16:03pm View    
I think I will re-read your post... :D:D:D:D:D
Joan M 28-Feb-22 11:34am View     CRLF
Yes, it's really like those questions :D:D:D:D:D Gosh, I'd love going back to the university, there a guy/girl explained you what he/she would ask you in the exam... sadly this never happens in real life... Real life is more like bad specs, tight timelines, crazy customers and lately impossible to schedule calendars...