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Comments by BoxyBrown (Top 32 by date)

BoxyBrown 26-Jun-12 11:48am View    
I think better to use DateTime from = DateTime.Parse(txt_from_date.Text);
or get CultureInfo from client.
BoxyBrown 26-Jun-12 11:36am View    
What values are in txt_from_date.Text and txt_to_date.Text?
BoxyBrown 25-Jun-12 11:49am View    
s = string.Format("{0}{1}", s.Substring(s.Length - lengthOfMovingPart),s.Substring(0, s.Length - lengthOfMovingPart));

this is correct
BoxyBrown 25-Jun-12 11:45am View    
I think i've mistake with order of params. I'll check it now. Sorry
BoxyBrown 19-Aug-11 9:27am View    
ConsoleKeyInfo key = Console.ReadKey(true);
int input = Convert.ToInt32(key.KeyChar.ToString());