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JChrisCompton 2-Jan-18 10:13am View    
"... if you fear StackOverflow"
isn't that why we're on CodeProject instead? ;-)
JChrisCompton 27-Aug-12 13:14pm View    
Yeah, maybe... I'm too close to my deadline to mess with it much more. I just don't know enough (or I'm not practiced enough) to make much headway - a little knowledge is a dangerous thing :-)
JChrisCompton 27-Aug-12 12:59pm View    
Oops. Duh. Corrected in original question.
I meant to say: WHERE Agency=@Agency

I changed the source code to prevent everyone from knowing my schema (because that's the rule) and mispasted that field when I was recreating the SQL.
JChrisCompton 27-Aug-12 12:25pm View    
This would probably work if those were the only two fields in the table, but it is returning a division name for each row that matches pAgency==Agency.

I should have specified that there are multiple people in each division.
Is there anyone listening that can tell me how to change the above to SELECT DISTINCT division FROM tEmp ?
JChrisCompton 7-Jun-12 13:12pm View    
That's okay, I realized and swapped them - thanks again!